Mom-To-Be, Alia Bhatt Reacts To Reports About Her Baby Bump And Pregnancy Glow, Says 'Please Stop'

Alia Bhatt's pregnancy has become the talk of the town, and she has been leading the headlines for her baby bump and pregnancy glow. Check out as she reacts to the same!


By Kalash Khurana Last Updated:

Mom-To-Be, Alia Bhatt Reacts To Reports About Her Baby Bump And Pregnancy Glow, Says 'Please Stop'

Celebrities are often scrutinised for their dressing sense, looks, and walking style as they are always under the media radar. Every celebrity is judged according to their looks, and soon, they make it to the headlines. However, situation gets worse when people misuse social media to speak ill about others and indulge in unnecessary trolling. And sadly, nobody ponders about the impact of the same on the celebrities' lives.

Alia Bhatt is an exceptional actress, and ever since she has announced her pregnancy, people have become obsessed. The news about her pregnancy is all over the internet, and every other day, media is talking about her baby bump and pregnancy glow. Instead of focusing on the success of her films, people are wondering about what Alia wears, how she walks, and how she would take care of her baby in the coming future.

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In a recent interview with Mashable India, Alia Bhatt opened up about the reportage around her pregnancy. When the actress was asked if it ever annoys her how the mainstream media talks about her hiding or flaunting her baby bump, she quipped:

"Well, it's such an entertaining question. I'm not annoyed at all. Doesn't even make my eyelids bat."


However, Alia Bhatt also shared that she feels that media has  run out of things to write about her. Reacting to the reports, she added that when she had got married, she was labelled as a newly-wed, and now that she's expecting, media is concerned about her baby bump. Reflecting on the same, she said:

"I think they've run out of new things to write about me. So when I got married, I was newly-wed Alia. Now, I'm pregnant Alia, pregnancy glow Alia, or mom-to-be Alia, baby bump hiding Alia and, baby bump flaunting Alia. Well, I don't even want to give it attention."

For the longest time, Alia Bhatt is in the news for her dressing sense and reports about her flaunting or hiding her baby bump have become the talk of the town. In the same interview, the actress said that choosing the right kind of clothes is a personal choice. Alia also lashed out at the people who use such words to describe an expecting actress and asked them to stop it. She concluded:

"It's such a personal choice like any clothes are clothes. Like I don't get it. What do you mean by flaunting? It's a deep appeal. Please stop."


On the work front, Alia Bhatt was last seen in the film, Darlings.

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