After Shoaib Malik's 3rd Marriage, Sania Revealed What Changed Her From Being An Emotional Person

Months after Shoaib Malik's third marriage with Sana Javed, Sania Mirza talked about various aspects of her life and revealed what changed her from being an emotional person.


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After Shoaib Malik's 3rd Marriage, Sania Revealed What Changed Her From Being An Emotional Person

Sania Mirza, one of the most prominent tennis players in India, is the pride of the entire nation. The gorgeousness never skipped a chance to prove her mettle and win the hearts of her fans with her tennis skills. In her personal life, the actress got married to the Pakistani cricketer, Shoaib Malik back in 2010, and in 2018, they welcomed their baby boy, Izhaan into their lives. Everything was going smoothly until 2023 when reports hinted at problems in the couple's marital life. While Sania and Shoaib didn't open up about the same, Sania kept on posting cryptic notes which further ignited the rumours.

Sania Mirza revealed what changed her from being an emotional person

Meanwhile, Shoaib Malik announced his wedding to Sana Javed, which came as a shocker for both nations. Sania, on the other, didn't react to it directly. It was her sister who had issued a statement on her behalf, and her father mentioned that the player had taken a khula from Shoaib. However, after Shoaib's wedding with Sana, in her first interview, Sania Mirza talked about the things that changed her as a person. 

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Talking to BBC Hindi, Sania shared the challenges one has to face being in the public limelight. The player added that everyone in this world can't like everyone, and thus, one just needs to learn to deal with it. She also added that earlier, she used to be a very emotional person and react to things, but now she has changed, and she first thinks before she reacts. The prolific tennis player revealed that patience comes with age, but when someone becomes a mom, then that person is left with no options. Sania said:

"Patience comes with age, but especially when you become a mother, there’s no other option. I'm happy for this change.”

Sania Mirza stated that money and fame aren't enough in life

Going further in the interview, Sania Mirza stated that money and fame are not everything in life, and these things are just luxuries but not the core. She also added that what is important in life is to be surrounded by genuine people from whom support can come along during difficult times as well. Sania, in the same interview, also mentioned that over the years, her way of making decisions has changed, and a sense of emotional maturity has also come along.

Sania Mirza talked about hardship in life

In the same interview, Sania Mirza also drew a parallel between sports and life. Sharing a message of resilience, Sania added that just like sports, there are both good and bad times in life as well. She added that in sports, people get back up after a loss, while in life, bad days do not last forever, and one must focus on improving themselves and moving forward. Sania said:

"There are good and bad times. In sports, you get back up after a loss. It’s the same in life. Bad days don’t last forever. You try to improve things and move forward.”

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Why Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik parted ways

As per several reports, the reason behind Sania and Shoaib's split was the latter's extramarital affairs, with which the former was fed up. If the reports are to be believed, the last time Sania got to know about Shoaib's affair, she informed his family, who flew off to Dubai to make things settle between the couple, but the duo didn't want to move forward with their relationship. According to the reports, Shoaib's family members were not happy with his decision to marry Sana, and they didn't even attend their wedding.

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