9 Stunning Photographs That Reimagine Disney Princesses As Gorgeous Indian Brides


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9 Stunning Photographs That Reimagine Disney Princesses As Gorgeous Indian Brides

There would hardly be a girl around, who would have grown up without listening to the tales of Disney's princes and princesses. What's more? Many of us have even grown up imagining them coming to life. From Snow White and Cinderella to Ariel and Rapunzel, we have all imagined ourselves being one or the other. And, just like these stunning Disney princesses, we too have waited for our prince charming to come along and sweep us off our feet.

Well, when it comes to her wedding day, every Indian girl wants to look nothing less than a princess, awaiting for her ‘happily ever after’. And, here is a Vancouver-based photographer, Amrit Grewal, who bought this vision alive just perfectly.

Amrit, a wedding and fashion photographer, recently did a photo-shoot titled, "Once Upon A Bride". Through the project, Amrit envisioned how Indian brides would look when styled as Disney princess. And, let us just say the photographs that we are about to share with you will leave you just as much in awe as they did us. So, are you ready?

#1. Desi Bride As Snow White

First meet Disney's Snow White:

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Now, meet the desi version of Snow White:

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#2. Here Comes the Cinderella

Meet the girl, who left her shoe behind and that led her to her "happily ever after", Disney's Cinderella:

Now, meet the creative reimagination of Cinderella as an Indian bride:

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#3. Desi Tadka to Sleeping Beauty

Here is Disney's princess Aurora, the beautiful lass from Sleeping Beauty:

And, now here is how Amrit Grewal and the creative team behind this shoot, imagined her desi version:

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#4. Desi Imagination of Jasmine

Meet the princess of Agrabah, and Aladdin's sweetheart, free-spirited and kind Jasmine:

And, here is Amrit's stunning reimagination:

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#5. Indian Bride as Disney's Ariel

Meet Disney's princess of the underwater world, bubbly and adventurous Ariel:

And, here is how mesmerising an Indian bride would look when dressed as Ariel:

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#6. Get Ready for Rapunzel

Meet Disney's princess with precious and breathtaking golden locks, Rapunzel:

Now, see how an Indian bride would look, when imagined as Rapunzel:

P.S.: Given every Indian girl's love for long and shiny locks, this one is definitely 'bang-on'!

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#7. Untouched Beauty of Pocahontas

Meet one of Disney's most overlooked and underrated princess, who loves nature, Pocahontas:

Now, meet the desi Pocahontas:

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#8. Tales of Mulan

Meet Disney's warrior princess, the brave and the bold, Mulan:

Here comes the desi bride as warrior princess, Mulan:

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#9. Beauty of Beauty & The Beast

Here is the beautiful lass, who changed the heart of even a beast, with her love, Belle:

There is a beautiful Belle in everyone's heart, searching for nothing but goodness all around:

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The beautiful photographs that are reimagining Indian brides as Disney's princesses were orginially published in the South Asian Bride Magazine. And, here are the names of the people, behind this captivating and creative shoot:

  • Creative Director: Jasmine Nijjar of Well Groomed Designs
  • Wardrobe: Well Groomed Designs
  • Decor: Universal Decor Events
  • Jewellery: High Heel Obsession
  • Photography: Amrit Photography
  • Makeup: Makeup Vibez by Ranjit Heer
  • Hair: Powder Room Studio |Saveena Sohal
  • Locations: Dhaliwal Banquet Hall, Surrey |Hycroft Manor, Vancouver
  • Models: Michelle Senghera, Jasmeen Johal, Carly Pinchin, Rachel Deagon, Alisha Sidhu, Shirin Sharifikhah, Iris Chau, Chanel Brar and Astra Pereira

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Well, didn't we warn you that these photographs will leave you amazed? So, which Disney princess will you be taking inspiration from when you tie the knot with your Prince Charming? We would love to know, so leave your comments below!



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