9 Trendy And Fashionable Hairstyle Hacks For A New Look Everyday


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9 Trendy And Fashionable Hairstyle Hacks For A New Look Everyday

We all love pampering ourselves with our everyday beauty routine to end up with a feeling of looking our best. Trendy dress, matching shoes and perfect makeup are all that we believe that we will need to get those looks that can kill. However, what we usually miss amidst all this is a hairdo to top it all. In fact, many of us are adept in putting on good makeup in no time but really struggle when it comes to dealing with our hair.

In such moments of need, hairstyle hacks come in handy to rescue us from looking incomplete on any day of our life. Here are some of the famous hairstyle hacks that you can try to flaunt a trendy look every day.

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#1. The 20-second hairdo

This simple hairstyle hack is perfect when you are already late for college or office. Simply tie a ponytail and split your hair into two. Tie knots on each section and set the hanging knots on your head with the help of bobby pins– you are now good to go.

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#2. Curls

For all you ladies who are in love with the curls, here is a tip that should be taken care of every time you hold the curling iron. Split your hair into sections, and start from the centre of your hairline and not from the ends. When you do this, your curls will last longer and will look a lot more voluminous.

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#3. Braided bun

This cool hairstyle is pretty simple to achieve. All you need to do is, braid your hair and then pin it to make a bun. It goes well with any kind of outfit ranging from evening gowns to casual trousers teamed up with a jacket. Needless to say, it will add elegance to your blazing look.

#4. Faux fringe

Do you like fringes but do not want to cut your beautiful strands to achieve them? Then you may like the concept of faux fringe. Steps to achieve faux fringe start from taking a section of your hair followed by flipping it to the front and finally draping the ends of hair on your forehead. To hide the hair coming over the centre of your head, you may take help of a messy bun, hair pins or a cool hairband.

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#5. The French bun

A French bun is yet another elegant hairstyle that can do wonders to your charming face. Brush your hair to either side of your head, give them a twist in the upward direction, pin up to hold them against your head, and finally use hairspray to make your bun stay for long.

This hairdo is perfect for a formal evening and it completes your look when you team it up with your favourite gown. 

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#6. Pinned-back bangs

This hairstyle is pretty cute and helps to keep your bangs back and out of sight. It also helps you to showcase your features better. In order to create a little volume, tug it a little in the front and then add your favourite accessory to it. Make sure that height of the puff is well-suited to the shape of your face.

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#7. Ponytail

Give your ponytail a twist by hiding the closure of it by wrapping a strand of your hair around it. This kind of a ponytail is soft and demure as it creates a romantic look that is perfect to be sported on an occasion like a date.

#8. Extension illusions

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Do you want to create the illusion of having added extensions to your hair? All you need to do is first tie a high ponytail of half of your hair and then a standard one below the higher one. It will give you a stunning layered look in addition to making your hair look longer.

#9. The side pony

This messy side pony hairstyle is perfect for girls who want to rock a slightly vintage look with a modern twist. Add a little volume at the top of your hair before giving it a tousled look. You can sport this hairstyle hack on any of your bad hair days.

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Next time you face a fashion crisis because of your inability to deal with your hair, make sure that you pull out one of the above-mentioned hairstyle hacks to save you. Not only these are easy to execute, but they are also capable of adding oodles of oomph to your looks.