8 Reasons Why You Should Or Should Not Change Your Name After Marriage


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8 Reasons Why You Should Or Should Not Change Your Name After Marriage

One of the biggest changes that women get to face after their marriage is, they get a whole new identity after it. Well yes, we are talking about the change of surname that women observe after their marriage. But, not all women might be allured with this idea. After all, it is not easy for all to change their identity that they have lived with for many years, in just one day.

Fortunately, it is no longer a compulsion to do so, and is entirely upon a woman’s choice to either retain her maiden name or take her husband’s surname after marriage. But, how does one decide? Well, if you are also going through such a phase, then here is a list of practical pros and cons to help you arrive at a valid conclusion.

Reasons To Change You Surname

Well, we all know that change is always good. Even though it may seem a little scary in the beginning, it is still good. And, here are some good reasons to accept the change of name in your life after marriage:

#1. Gives you a sense of belonging

When you get married to the person you love, his name joined to yours on paper gives you a sense of fulfillment and joy that you might have never felt before. You feel as if you belong to him and only him. It is a new phase of your life with a new identity altogether. It is a feeling that brings the big smile on your face.

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#2. The names of kids do not get confusing

If you retain your old surname, what surname will your children take, his or yours? Choosing one out of the two can also lead to serious fights, as it will then become more of an ego issue. Well, in India, kids are still expected to take the suranme of their father. So, isn’t it better to take his surname to avoid fights and also an identity crisis for your children?

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#3. It makes you a part of the family

Now that you are also an integral part of his family, then why not reflect it even in your name? If you two have same family name, it makes you one. Not only does it sound good, but also makes you united and strong as a family.

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#4. Easier for others to address you

When people need to address you as a couple at an event or write your name on a wedding invitation card or any other invite, addressing you becomes easier for them. With a common surname, they can address you simply as, ‘Mrs. and Mr. so-and-so’.

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Reasons To Retain Your Old Name

While these are really good enough reasons that might tempt anyone to change their surname after marriage, some of you may still be in confusion probably because of following ones:

#1. You don’t want to change your identity

All your life, your name has been your identity and it defines who you are. Hence, you would not want to change it. You have spent all your life making yourself the person you are today and your name plays an important role in that process. Changing the surname might just take away from you that entire hard work of yours.

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#2. You love your maiden name

Ever since you were a little girl, you have always been in love with your surname. Nothing in the world would let you change it, let alone marriage. So, if it is not that big an issue with your spouse and he understands your feelings, you would rather retain your maiden name. Right?

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#3. The paperwork is too much

If you thought that the marriage arrangements and getting everything done timely was the only stressful part, then wait till you see the paperwork involved in the name changing process. The number of identity proofs and other documents that need to be changed are quite a lot. And, the process of course, is too exhausting. In such case, won’t you prefer retaining your maiden name?

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#4. You do not like his surname

Remember the movie, 3 Idiots, in which Kareena Kapoor was terrified at just the thought of changing her name to Priya Wangdu? In the same way, you surely would love your husband a lot, but might not stand his last name. Well, in such case, probably your choice would be to keep your name as it always has been.

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Keeping everyone happy

Well in either of the cases, there might be the chances of either of you getting a little disappointed. In such cases, you can opt for the modern-day trend. Many women these days are opting to keep their maiden surnames along with that of their husbands'. We even have many of our Bollywood divas, who have followed the trend. Some of the famous ones include, Madhuri Dixit Nene, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Kareena Kapoor Khan. Quite a nice way to keep everyone happy. Isn't it?

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Well, we did our part by providing you the complete information about pros and cons of changing name after marriage. Now, just sit with your husband and ponder over these points carefully before making a decision. And in the end, just be happy about whatsoever choice you make.

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