8 Bad Habits That Can Ruin The Charm In Marriage

8 Bad Habits That Can Ruin The Charm In Marriage

She argues a lot. He never listens to me”- such complains are part of every married couple’s life. Marriages may well be made in heaven but it is up to us to make them work.  There is a lot of effort needed by you and your partner to make your marriage the best.
If there are lots of things you must do to make your marriage charming, equally important are the ones you need to avoid doing. Here are some bad habits that ruin the charm in your marriage and can easily cost you your relationship. 

Arguing about every decision

In a marriage, an argument always results is no winner. Arguing about little things makes your relationship bitter and can make you say things which you later regret. It is better to settle questions by mutual consent and love.

Lack of intimacy

Intimacy, both at physical and emotional level is the basis of any relationship. Either way, lack of sharing between partners is the death sentence to any marriage. The sense of closeness and belonging is the very charm in a marriage. If you don’t share your bed and your mind with your partner, it is very frustrating to them and thus leads to more detachment.

Not communicating

Spending all your time at home in front of the TV or in kitchen is not good. The less you talk the more you grow apart. It is great to share your feeling with each other. A silent relationship will certainly become a charmless one.

Disrespecting the other half

If you do not respect your partner, things will never be easy in your marriage. Disrespect need not always be verbal; it can be like, if your partner is talking to you, and you simply do not care to listen to him/her. It is okay not to agree to everything your partner says, but you must respect his/her opinions. Also you must appreciate the effort he/she puts in maintaining your life and house.

Lying to your partner

Lying simply means breaking the trust your partner has in you. If you are not comfortable telling your partner about something, it is better not doing such a thing at the first place. Even if it is just a small thing, it is better to share than to hide.


Marriage is an institution; maybe educational but surely not correctional. Stop always pointing out your partner’s mistakes. It leads to his/her resentment and eventually hiding things from you. Its okay to correct your partner occasionally, but it is also necessary to compliment them when they do well.

Bringing work home

Working hard is good, but working at home not so much. Spending some good quality time with your partner is much more rewarding and interesting than the contents of a manila folder file. A good time at home also makes you feel better at work. 

Ignoring domestic ethics

It is never good to throw your clothes everywhere or leave your make-up things on his reading table. House must be neat and clean, but, yes, do not go overboard with the cleaning as you might end up irritating your partner. After all, home is the place to feel most relaxed and a little spoiled.

Remember, a married couple needs to put energy into the relationship from time to time. Plan something new or bring surprise gifts for your partner, do things that make your married life charming.

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