7 Social Media Don’ts We Wish All Soon-to-be Married Couples Would Follow


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7 Social Media Don’ts We Wish All Soon-to-be Married Couples Would Follow

Shouting and letting the world know about your love and relationship from the rooftop is passé. Now, you have social media at your disposal!

But, there are certain etiquettes that should be followed while doing so, especially, when it comes to your wedding and the journey towards it. Dear couples, believe us when we say that not everyone wants to know each and every single detail of your wedding planning and preparations.

Well, as you inch closer to your wedding day, we don't want you to get "blocked" or "unfriended" by those in your "Friends' List". So, here are a few things that we wish all soon-to-be married couples would stop doing on social media.

#1. Wedding countdown

No doubt you are too excited for your wedding and can't wait for the D-Day. But religiously posting a countdown timer every day is a strict no-no. You are counting the days left to your special day, but not every else on your “list” (P.S.: especially, if they are not even being invited!).

If it is too irresistible for you, make your personal countdown in the old-school style, probably on a calendar! And, keep that between you and your group of close buddies, who are as excited as you for your wedding.

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#2. Inviting people only through social media

You want your close friends and family to be present on your special day. Well, then the old way of sending out personal invites still holds good. Just sending a message or creating an event page on the social media looks very impersonal, and seems that you are inviting people for a mere formality.

What’s even more “socially-suicidal” is announcing your relationship status or engagement on social media, without informing your close ones before, in person. After all, they deserve more than just a “News Feed” update to know that you are engaged and getting married, right?

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#3. Letting out too much information

Wedding preparations are an elaborate affair. People love to attend weddings and enjoy the ceremonies, but they might not want to know each and every minute detail of your preparations.

Don't put a new status each time you visit your wedding planner or finalise a vendor, or add something new, or get confused about which flowers to order or which colours to choose, or... well basically, you get the idea, right?

We suggest, let things related to your wedding day be a surprise for your guests. After all, you have worked hard to make things perfect. So, resist the temptation of revealing details of your wedding beforehand, via that button called “Post” or “Share”.

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#4. Venting out frustration!

We are all well aware of how stressful planning a wedding can get at times. It can be nerve-wrecking for almost anyone, be it physically, emotionally or financially.

Last thing you would want to do is use your social media profile to vent out your frustrations to your friends, extended family, colleagues, acquaintances, and yes the entire world (in case you are in the habit of making your posts "public").

P.S.: If you do wish to get some load off your chest, then we suggest pick up your phone to either call or message your BFFs or your would-be, and spend some time talking to them.

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#5. PDA? No!

We get it, you want to tell the world how much you love your fiancé/fiancée. Well, once in a while an occasional status or tweet is fine, but just going gaga over your love on a social platform is another strict no-no.

Well, just imagine opening your social media profile in the morning, only to see “News Feeds” splashed with- abstract photos of couples holding hands, mug shots of the coffee they shared, etc. Special things your to-be does for you is definitely ‘aww-so-sweet’, but it is a memory that should stay between you two. Not everyone in your “Friends’ List” wants to be a privy to those.

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#6. Wedding pictures overdose

Be it while wedding preparations or the wedding itself (or, the time after that!), please spare your friends, family, and especially your acquaintances on the social network from the photographic overdose of your wedding.

They would love to see your wedding pictures, but that too only a selected few. Posting 100 odd pictures of everything you did just kills the fun of it!

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#7. Not using the privacy settings for good

Make sure you are aware of all your privacy settings. Sometimes you tend to add acquaintances and colleagues on your social media profile with whom you would not like to share all your details and photographs. So, make sure you check out the privacy settings on your account.

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Sharing joys and happiness is good, but just don't overdo it and ruin the fun! Know where to draw the lines and enjoy your virtual life.

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