7 Stylish And Smart Ways To Hide Those Flabby Arms And Be More Confident


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7 Stylish And Smart Ways To Hide Those Flabby Arms And Be More Confident

We know that all women desire for a perfectly-shaped body. In fact, many of them work really hard to make this dream come true. But, let us all face it! Not all women are blessed with that perfect model-like body. That is why, even if their fitness regime helps them to attain a slim waist, their arms might not always talk about the same success story. These flabby arms not only cause disappointment to many women, but they also spoil their dreams of looking stylish without worrying about any part of their body.

Well, if you also have been troubled by your plump arms, then it is time to bring an end to your woes. So, here are some really smart fashion tricks for you to hide your fat arms and still look stylish.

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#1. Cover it up

Fashion Hacks To Hide Flabby Arms

It is better not to dress up in any sleeveless or short-sleeved attire. It will simply put the entire focus on your arms. What would really work for you would be the full-sleeves. The full-sleeved outfits are recommended when your complete arms are quite fleshy. You can also go for the quarter-sleeves when you want to hide only upper arms and are comfortable in showing your forearms. And don’t worry!

The outfits covering your arms are very much in vogue these days; and hence, you would not end up looking like fuddy-duddy by wearing them. In case you want to wear something that is a fine balance of style and comfort, then you may even choose to go loose with the sleeves of your trendy outfits.

#2. Bare your shoulders

Fashion Hacks To Hide Flabby Arms

Well, while your arms might not allow you to indulge in the skin show, there are many other parts of your body that you can flaunt to look glamorous. And, one of the best options for you is to wear off-shoulder attires. They will balance your overall appearance, as they highlight the shoulders and not the arms.

#3. Shift the focus

Fashion Hacks To Hide Flabby Arms

Instead of constantly getting worked up because of your problem area, try and draw attention to your assets. You can do so by wearing some bold and attention-grabbing accessories. So, if you have a really good figure to flaunt, then it would be a better idea to accentuate your waistline by wearing quirky belts. Another good option would be to wear a chunky pair of earrings or dramatic necklace so that you can draw the attention away from your plump arms.

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#4. Go small with the prints

Fashion Hacks To Hide Flabby Arms

Well, we all love to experiment when comes to trying different prints. But, when you are focusing on hiding the unwanted fat of your arms, then it is recommended to curb your desires of experimenting with everything and anything. So, restrict your choices to the smaller prints and completely avoid the bold and large ones. Also, the horizontal stripes are a big no for you.

#5. Wear more layers

Fashion Hacks To Hide Flabby Arms

Layering works wonders for the girls with plump arms. So, depending on your preference, pick up a style and combine it with your outfit. Some of the best options are to use jackets, shrugs, crop tops, etc., over your cool dresses. You need not necessarily wear full-sleeved jackets and cover your arms completely, as this trick will itself shift the focus on your cool trendy outfit.

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#6. The darker the better

Fashion Hacks To Hide Flabby Arms

You certainly cannot afford to miss this age-old trick to give the instant slimming effect to your arms. So, it is better to pick up darker colours for your outfits, especially the ones with full or quarter sleeves. Also, do not forget to balance them out by picking the garments that have more work on the chest area than the arms.

#7. Maintain a perfect posture

Fashion Hacks To Hide Flabby Arms

Your posture and stance are important in making your arms look slimmer. The best way would be to tilt your shoulders slightly towards the back and hiding the arms behind your upper torso so that there is more attention on your neck. And, while posing for the pictures, you can always go for the classic pose of resting your hands on your waist and creating a triangle with your arms. This pose will stretch out the flab a little, and thus, will give a slimming effect.

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So, with all these wonderful tips in your hands, there is no reason for you to worry about your plump arms. Just follow these smart tricks and go right out there to flaunt your great style.

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