6 Things You Must Know Before You Go For Trousseau Shopping

6 Things You Must Know Before You Go For Trousseau Shopping

Your wedding undoubtedly would be your dream come true! Between all the happiness, anxiety, love, thrill, and restlessness- comes the most exciting and sometimes tedious task of organising your trousseau. Given the amount of clothes and accessories you need to decide and pack, the entire shopping can be exhausting. The numerous suggestions pouring in only add to the confusion. To help you save the resulting panic, here are some easy tips.

#1. Make a list

Your trousseau will include almost everything you might need for at least the first six months of your married life. All basic items like clothes, makeup, toiletries, footwear, etc., need to be packed. Make a list of what needs to be shopped for, what has been already taken care of, and what you already have.

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#2. Keep a tab on the time

Time is often a constraint when it comes to trousseau shopping. The entire shopping depends on the time you have in hand, which can be a few months or weeks. A check on the time helps you make the most of sales, offers, or bridal exhibitions. It is also important that you finish your entire shopping at least 15-20 days before your wedding, so you have enough time to relax and enjoy. This will also prevent you to avoid last minute glitches like fitting or delivery problems.

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3. Know your budget

Setting a budget is very important for you to decide where and how to spend. For the essentials, you might not mind going overboard and splurging. At the same time, for some less important stuff, you might want to restrict yourself to a lesser budget.

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#4. Decide on the jewellery

Jewellery shopping is where you might spend the most. Many people buy jewellery beforehand. If you have done so, buy your wedding outfit accordingly. If not, make sure it matches the outfit.

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#5. Plan well

It is important that you consider several points before you go shopping- Where is the wedding taking place? How many days will the functions take? What will be the weather like during the wedding? This will help you decide the number and kind of outfits required. Also, things like appointments with your designer or stylist also require planning. Some other questions that can decide your fashion choices can be– Will you be moving into a joint or nuclear family? Are you planning to go for a weight loss programme before the wedding?

#6. Decide your accessories

Accessories like bags, clutches, footwear, and makeup are things that many women love to indulge in, forgetting that these are the things they might get bored of very soon. Therefore, buying only those things that you need, is a wise decision. You can always shop for more later. Also Read: How to Flaunt a Bikini Body on Your Honeymoon

Amidst all the wedding shopping rush, keep some time aside for your honeymoon shopping. You might need clothes according to your honeymoon destination. Do not forget to tuck in some attractive lingerie as well. Happy shopping!

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