6 Reasons To Avoid Pre-Marital Sex

6 Reasons To Avoid Pre-Marital Sex

The final or ultimate act in a marital relationship is sexual intimacy. This element of physical intimacy allows a lawfully wedded couple to consummate their relationship. This is important for their future companionship and possible procreation.

However, today we have the opportunity, place and money to experience it prior hand; thus many ask the question… Why Wait? The answer is ‘why not’. Well, nowadays pre-marital sex may not be necessarily called the breaking of moral or ethical conduct, but it definitely ruins the charm of marriage.

Here are a few reasons why celebrating celibacy till marriage and avoiding pre-marital sex is a good idea.

Ruins the Excitement

Even if you indulge in pre-marital sex with your future life partner, it not only kills the sanctity of the vow, but also ends the thrill that is associated with marriage. Hence, it is always better to indulge in this act after the two partners in marriage are comfortable in each other’s zone. Waiting will only enhance the beauty and excitement of the real act.

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Confused Feelings

Many people, who have had sexual relations with someone else prior to tying the knot with their life partner, feel remorse post marriage. It makes them regret their act or worse still, they keep comparing the pre-marital flare and they don’t enjoy the act in their current marital relationship any longer.


In Indian society, the guilt associated with pre-marital sex is immense. Hence, when experienced by a person before marriage especially with someone other than your life partner, the feeling can make one insecure. Their levels of insecurity increase and they live in constant fear and pressure of being discovered. This erodes their self-confidence at times, leading to a disturbed state of mind.

Chances of divorce

In India, the issue of pre-marital sex is a big one; big enough to ruin one’s marriage. If a spouse discovers that his/her partner has had an experience in pre-marital sex with someone else, there is a real chance of the marriage being called off. This not just causes a terrible disturbance, but in addition to this the feeling of having lost his/her virtue drives one crazy. Not to mention the societal issues that crop up post discovery.

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Possibility of abortion

Without proper precautions, Pre-marital sex can sometimes get out of hands and the girl may become pregnant. In this case, if the boy or the girl fails to accept their responsibility and head for abortion on time, then future prospects of marriage & pregnancy can get jeopardized.  Moreover, it causes them guilt, heartache and above all loss of mental peace.

Acquired infection

Acquiring infection or sexually transmitted diseases or HIV is often heard from unprotected sex. The possibility becomes all the more high in pre-marital sex cases. If the girl or boy acquires any such disease through pre-marital sex, then both their chances of getting married and longevity will diminish.

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There are certain things which you tend to appreciate with age, and kept special for certain relationships. The element of sexual relation is one such issue in the institution of marriage. Sexual relationship will enhance the relationship to a higher level post marriage, but pre-marital sex may simply erode the value, thereby killing the essence of marriage in totality.

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