6 Most Stunning Honeymoon Destinations For Flower Lovers


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6 Most Stunning Honeymoon Destinations For Flower Lovers

No sooner do the nuptials get over, you start planning a dreamy destination to fill your new world with happiness, fragrance and love. Talk of honeymoon and romance, and it remains almost incomplete having not mentioned the effective and spectacular flowers.

As flowers symbolise undying love and passion, we offer you some magical destinations that would help you unleash your romantic side.

We crack the flower code for you and suggest you some amazing flower fields from all around the globe to make your getaway extra special, fresh, and aromatic.

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#1. Lavender fields of Provence, France

The spectacular natural beauty and small-town charm of Provence are more than ideal to please the newlywed bride and groom, and spruce up their love life. However, it is the freshness of lavender fields and its striking appearance that showers its magic on the visitors. Luberon, one of France’s most beautiful villages, boasts of an eye-soothing backdrop and an uninterrupted view of the lavender fields. It is almost impossible to not feel the adrenaline rush amidst the soul-stirring display of purple lavender flowers.

floral destinations for honeymoon- provence france

An amazing view of the lavender bushes from above in a hot air balloon is the most beautiful experience you can have with your spouse. You both can also explore the lavender fields by car, bike or on foot.

floral destinations for honeymoon- provence france

For endless joy and passion, you can also go for a romantic excursion and explore the farms and distilleries. Attending lavender festivals (that happen in summer, August) at Sault and Valreas can add even more wow-effect to your newly-married phase. Well, there is more than just flower gazing for you at this astonishing trip. For an added touch of excitement, you can go shopping with your wife to buy lavender products like oil, essences, perfumes, soap, etc. In Coustellet, there is even a Lavender Museum that can make for impeccable photographs. While each and every spot in Luberon is mesmerising, there is a unique allure added to the Abbaye Notre-Dame de Senanque, the 12th Century Cistercian abbey, where the monks grow lavender and tend to honeybees to earn their livelihood. If you are fond of a warm and leisurely place, nothing can be better than the immersion into this beautiful setting.

floral destinations for honeymoon- provence france

Images Courtesy: Provenceguide

Prime season- To catch the lavender in full bloom, you should plan your visit from mid-June to mid-July.

#2. Neelakurinji, Kerala

Here is another flower-filled destination where you can share passionate moments with each other. This spot in Munnar, at Idukki district of Kerala is not just any other place, but a fairyland of flowers. The name Neelakurinji is derived from the words ‘Neela’ and ‘Kurinji’, which means colour blue and the flower name respectively.

floral destinations for honeymoon- neelakurinji kerala

Neelakurinji flowers are a unique mark of Munnar, which are famous not just for its exquisiteness, but also for its strange once-in-twelve-years phenomenon. The rare occurrence of fields being washed with Neelakurinji (Strobilanthes kunthiana) every twelve years is a treasure of Kerala. However, the period of blossoming varies with different species of flowers. The glory, peace and enigmatic beauty of Neelakurinji will pamper your soul and spoil you to the core. The intriguing composition of the rare bluish flowers, endangered birds and animals like Sambar deer, Nilgiri tahr, and wood-pigeons will make you pause every few seconds to click photographs.

floral destinations for honeymoon- neelakurinji kerala

It is said that the last flowering happened in 2006. If you happen to have a glimpse of these with your lover, it will be a lifetime opportunity for you both. Exploring this valley of peace and beauty with your beloved will add zing to your dreamy holiday. Other spots to look forward to for a quiet retreat are Pothenmedu, Mattupetty, Pallivasal and Eravikulam National Park.

floral destinations for honeymoon- neelakurinji kerala
Images Courtesy: Keralatourism

Prime season- The mass blooming of Neelakrinji flowers takes place once in twelve years. However, the blooming of Neelakurinji, which has 40 odd varieties to its family, usually starts from August and lasts up to October.

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#3. Rose Valley, Bulgaria

Whether you are planning a honeymoon with your sweetheart or an exciting couples’ spree, roses are perfect to add aroma and taste to your sensuous vacation. Keeping this in mind, we have found a galore of rich and fabulous roses for your tantalising trip. It is an offbeat romantic floral destination in Bulgaria, which spreads the resplendent efflorescence of roses all over.

floral destinations for honeymoon- rose valley bulgaria

The Rose Valley, as it is called, stretches from the bottom of the Stara Planina Mount to the Lower Sredna Gora chain and is a paradise on earth. It is hard to find a place as sweet-smelling as this that truly sparks love and affection. Though roses are the royalty at this valley, giddy odours of lavender and mint also offer a feast for the senses and an invitation for some passion and love.

floral destinations for honeymoon- rose valley bulgaria

It is said that the rose valley produces a majority of the world's rose oil for perfumes. Another experience to consider here is the rose festival which is all about roses and its oil. It happens during harvest season in June. This area is also home to a beautiful rose museum located in the town of Kazanlak.

floral destinations for honeymoon- rose valley bulgaria
Images Courtesy: Welcome To Bulgaria

Prime season- It is best visited from May to early June. It is during this time that the Festival of Roses is celebrated in the valley with full enthusiasm and zest. This is also the time for rose picking– a unique and very colourful ritual accompanied by cultural festivals and folklore events.

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#4. Keukenhof, Netherlands (Near Amsterdam)

Just ask your partner to pinch you to believe that you are actually at this charming place on Earth. Tulips and the brilliant bulb flowers are assets of this spot, which act as essentials for ardour, love, and emotions. Keukenhof is located in South Holland, near Lisse, Netherlands. It is one of the world’s most popular sightseeing spots, attracting over 50 million visitors from around the world.

floral destinations for honeymoon- keukenhof netherlands

Also known as the Garden of Europe, the blooms over here paint the landscape with a rainbow of rich and vivacious colours. The romance begins as soon as you whisk away to the fields of tulips, crocuses, amaryllises, and hyacinths blooming in myriad colours. The stunning surroundings will make you fall in love with her again and again. The leisurely pastime at the flowerbeds, ponds and fountains with your lover will steal the entire show. There is a ‘do-not-miss’ Keukenhof windmill that also makes the place a hub for adventure-lovers. Climbing this windmill with your arms wrapped around your partner will offer a unique and exciting experience.

floral destinations for honeymoon- keukenhof netherlands

Blooming tulip fields make more an outstanding view. However, tulips are not the only spring flowers blooming at Keukenhof. Daffodils, hyacinths, and narcissi equally contribute for a jaw-dropping view. Flowers together don an extremely colourful look to overwhelm your senses. Besides the captivating backdrop, there are numerous greenhouses and exhibits too for you to explore. Music presentations and dance performances are also held for the visitors. A picnic in the park and a boat ride in the pond will provide an ultimate experience too.

floral destinations for honeymoon- keukenhof netherlands
Images Courtesy: Another Traveller

Prime season- The best time to view tulips with their colour extravaganza is in mid-April. (Mid-march to early may). If you prefer a quiet visit, weekdays are the best.

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#5. Dzukou flower valley, Nagaland

Located behind the Japfu range in the north-eastern state of Nagaland in India, hidden among the high mountain ranges on the Manipur-Nagaland border, Dzukou flower valley boasts of some rare species of lilies. Also called the valley of celestial charm, it is tucked away at 2,438 metres above sea level.

floral destinations for honeymoon- dzukou nagaland

A plethora of beautiful lilies in white and pink, euphorbias, aconitum, and hundreds of other species of flowers on the hill slopes exude a heady fragrance setting the atmosphere just right for your idealistic and blissful start. Rhododendrons of different colours also prepare the hills for a quiet retreat.

floral destinations for honeymoon- dzukou nagaland

Lush greenery throughout the Dzukou Valley, the prettiest of flowers on the beautiful plains, streams of shining crystal-clear water, melodies of the cooing birds, and the surrounding thick forest make the place a haven for lovebirds. And if all that was not enough, the place also boasts of natural caves and rocks, making it ideal for camping and trekking. This is one of the best trekking destination spots in the North-Eastern region.

floral destinations for honeymoon- dzukou nagaland
Images Courtesy: Wikipedia

Prime season- The month of June and September is considered most apt for the flower lovers’ delight.

#6. Cherry blossom Ueno Park, Japan

Japan has plenty of gorgeous cherry blossom parks to stimulate your senses and make the atmosphere intimate. However, Tokyo’s most popular Ueno Park, can offer even more to your holiday. The 133-acre park has around 1,000 Sakura trees (cherry blossoms) that surround the Shinobazu pond leading towards the National Museum. Cherry blossom viewing (also called hanami) makes the place a famous spot where couples are seen roaming hand in hand. However, you cannot have this magical place all to yourself. This place is a little crowded and packed on peak days.

floral destinations for honeymoon- ueno park japan

The variety of trees (the most common being Somei-Yoshino) lit up in the evening make the park even more glorious that really gets the couples’ hearts pumping. The rows of various species of the cherry trees bloom magnificently in spring, making the park very popular for its luxuriant surroundings.

floral destinations for honeymoon- ueno park japan

Besides, there are museums, temples, shrines, and many other natural attractions to complete your visit with your beloved.

floral destinations for honeymoon- ueno park japan
Images Courtesy: Travel Nest

Prime season- Late March to late April.

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So, which out of these places are going to be your honeymoon destination? Do let us know in the comments section below.