5 Things A Man Should NEVER Say To His Partner

5 Things A Man Should NEVER Say To His Partner

Women understand men (up to a certain extent)! They know that men can be a bit clueless when it comes to matters of the fairer sex and in consequence, are liable to blurt out some stuff from time to time without giving the topic a second thought. However, there are a few things which every woman hates to hear from her man. Let’s introduce you to some such unforgivable sentences.

“My Mom is…”
There are some men who have the habit of bringing their mother in every conversation. This is a complete no-no, regardless of whether you criticize her or praise her. Saying stuff like “My mother cooks much better” raises a red flag for a woman. A woman doesn’t like her man to be more attached to anybody else, especially his mother. 
On the other hand stating that you don’t like your mother is also prohibited. When a woman hears a man stating negative facts about his mother, her instinct immediately alerts her that he might feel the same way towards her in the future. Women look for a responsible, loyal and confident man who looks after his mother but is not a complete momma’s boy.

‘‘You are wearing that’’
Suppose your girl has put in a lot of effort and time (and make-up) to look her best for you on a date. The moment she steps out, you greet her with the words, “You’re wearing that?” This is enough to drive anyone mad. You should try and complement her on the way she looks instead of criticising her figure and appearance. If you keep on badgering her about her fashion sense, chances are she might not hang around for very long.

“Let’s Split the Bill”
When it comes to footing the bill, men should always leap to the task before the woman even gets the chance to draw out her purse. Never say a thing like “Let’s do it the Dutch way”. Your girl might be the greatest proponent of equal rights for women but still she expects some amount of chivalry when it comes to herself. After all, you’re her man and it’s your job to make her feel special.

“Your Friend Looks Beautiful Tonight”
When you’re in a relationship, there is a forbidden and unspoken rule to never lust for another woman (at least in front of her). Never compliment other girls in front of her. Also, A word of advice – never use a woman to gain access to her “hotter” friend. You might think you’re being smooth, but girls tend to talk about everything under the sun and the news is bound to reach her ears sooner or later. You know what they say – Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!

“It’s not You, it’s Me”
This classic excuse is used by men when they want to terminate a relationship…and fast. You never mean what you say, you just want out of the relationship. If you’re that desperate, try growing a pair and tell her the truth. 

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