5 Signs Of A Difficult Mother-in-Law

5 Signs Of A Difficult Mother-in-Law

There was a time when the girls were made to study home science to woo not only their potential husband, but also the mother-in-law with fancy cooking and sewing skills. Now, the times have changed! Girls aren’t married off right after graduation and have a choice to pursue the careers of their choice right from aeronautical engineering to acting. But, the need to impress the in-laws especially the mother-in-law hasn’t changed a wee bit!

Whether it is easy to please or slightly nightmarish to keep your mother-in-law happy is what you can find out by observing little things in her mentioned here.

Call control!
If your mother-in-law takes care of everything right from the kitchen menus to whose wearing what to work the next day, then chances are that she is a complete control freak. This possibly means that she likes to stay in-charge of everything that happens in the house and would like you to carry the legacy forward. So, you surely can’t really care less!

Influence me
Do most of her sentences begin with ‘I think you should do this or that’, then you better get ready to have her opinion on everything under the sun. Naturally, it is up to you to honour her opinion or go with your own. But, try gauging the results of not listening to her opinions first before you find a solution. Good Luck!

Stickler for perfection
If she sets the dinner table a certain way or spreads out the linen perfectly day in and day out, she is a perfectionist. We know you would be happy if you could carelessly find your way through everything at the new home, but with your mother-in-law possessing this particular trait, you will have to try a little harder.

Knock Out
You might expect everyone to knock the door of your room before getting in and you might get lucky there with the siblings. But, if the mother-in-law doesn’t feel the need to do so before calling out to her son, you will have to live with it. Either lock the door while sharing a private moment or be your own guard at all times.

Question bank?
Does she like to question you very often? Like, where are you going? Oh! So, who is coming over? Why are you wearing a dress and not a suit? Take it as a genuine interest in your life and work a way around satisfying her whenever possible. Be sure to acknowledge her question every time.

Some relationships are meant to be bittersweet! Don’t try to be perfect in all situations but just give your best. Remind yourself that you are blessed to have a family and start by respecting the differences and unusual traits in the people around you.

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