5 Important Things About Buying A Right Bra That All Women Must Know


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5 Important Things About Buying A Right Bra That All Women Must Know

There are many women who complain that they have not been able to get the right fit for their undergarments. As a result they face discomfort or keep fidgeting with their clothes. This can get to be pretty embarrassing. You can prevent this by avoiding these common mistakes that women make while shopping for bra.

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#1. One size too small

The most common problem that most women face is that they do not know their correct cup size. In fact, because of embarrassment, they tend to avoid asking for a larger cup size and try to “fit” in whatever size they get. 

Here’s your fix: If your breasts are spilling from the side of the cup, then it clearly means that it is a small cup size. Make sure that the underwire of the cup must end where your breasts end. Also, remember that cup size is not standard. It depends on the band size, so if your band size changes, your cup size changes too.

#2. Not going for proper band size

Most bra experts feel that one common mistake that almost every woman ends up making is going with a larger band size and smaller cup size. If your band is loose, then your bra will fail to provide you with the correct support and lift.

Here’s your fix: Put one or two fingers under the band, if there is space for more than two fingers, it clearly means the band is big for your body type. You need to understand that there are two different elements in a bra– cup size and band size. Get a bra with the right band and cup size, even if it sounds huge.

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#3. The last hook theory

Bras have a tendency to stretch up to three inches with usage. And, that is when you need to push to the next set of hooks. Which is why, when selecting a bra, it is important that the fit should be seen from the outermost hook and not the inner ones. This allows you the option to tighten the bra later when it loosens.

Here’s your fix: Yes, while selecting a bra and measuring your band size, always go with the outermost hooks. Always buy a bra that fits perfectly on the outermost hooks. Go for the inner hooks only after you have used it for a while.

#4. Riding on the back

Many women can be seen fidgeting with these complex creatures under their clothes. The common complaint is that the band rides up on the back. This happens only when the back band fits higher than the level of the underwire.

Here’s your fix: The back band of the bra should never be higher than your underwire. If it is, then the bra would not fit properly, and you will always be uncomfortable in it.

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#5. Ignoring the "sister sizes"

Image Courtesy: Bra Size Chart Info

Here is something that most Indian women do not know about- “sister sizes”! If you find a bra that is close to perfect, but not exactly perfect, then you should look for its sister size. Most women do not look for a perfect one, and that is why they face a problem with their bras.

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Here’s your fix: Sister sizes help to provide enough variation to correct slight differences in your “perfect” size. If you want to change your band size, but not your cup size or if you want to change your cup size, but not your band size- you look for sister sizes.

This video will clearly explain you everything about "sister sizes" and how they work:

Video Courtesy: Her Room

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Aftercare for your bra

Apart from the above buying tips, you must also keep in mind a few aftercare things as well, when it comes to your bras:

Using it overtime

No matter how much you love a particular bra, you must allow it to rest after using it for a day. This allows the elastic to regain some of its elasticity. If you keep wearing it continuously, not only can it be unhygienic, but also the elastic of the bra might just snap out of shape.

Washing care

Cold water is very good to keep the elastic fresh while warm water may loosen it beyond repair. Do not use detergents meant for washing woolen while washing a bra. You might think that it is delicate enough to work on your bra, but it will soften the elastic. This is something that we don’t want. Also, it is best if you hand wash your bras, instead of washing them in a machine. Machine washing can be rough on lingerie. If you wish to go for machine washing, then always wash them on gentle or delicate cycle.

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The lifetime

On an average, a bra will last for about eight months when worn and washed properly. Beyond that, the elastic stops being firm enough to provide support. To ensure that your bras last longer, keep one for every day of the week and rotate them. That ways there is plenty of time for the elastic to rest.

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Now that you know these common mistakes, it is time that you take matters in your hands and make the right decision about what fits you the best.

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