4 Steps To Making It 'A Kiss To Remember'

4 Steps To Making It 'A Kiss To Remember'

A kiss may sound like just a kiss, but there is a lot more in there that needs to be explored. While for some, locking lips can be a truly magical and spine-tingling moment, for others it maybe just a way to show some affection towards their sweethearts.

A lot goes in making a kiss a truly sensual experience. Right from the mental attitude and the affection level to the right chemistry, everything attributes to making a kiss, the ultimate seal of love. And, when you are in love, don't you think all your 'kisses' should be more than just a normal routine? Shouldn't they become moments that are definitely worth remembering, revisiting and recreating? 

Well, there are a few tips to make this moment of intimacy memorable. With these simple tips, you are bound to set that course of chemistry just right.

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Choose the right moment

Springing into action at the very word go won’t help in getting that perfect kiss. Everything requires patience and so does a kiss. You have to learn to be patient and wait for the right moment. Look out for signs, like moments when your partner is eyeing you intently or standing close to you or simply smiling at you mischievously. These moments might tell you how inclined he or she is towards kissing. And, who says you have to wait for the moment to come by? Why not create one yourself? Think about doing something special for your beloved that will make them smile or blush, and will end up giving you a moment that needs to be sealed with "some love"!

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Don’t shy from making eye contact

Girls usually shy from making an eye contact, thinking that it makes the moment more romantic, but few guys may think otherwise. So, you need to know what makes your partner feel turned on. May be your partner likes to have eye contact because it ups the level of intimacy for him and you don’t want to lose the chemistry when kissing with passion. Try and make eye contact post the lip locking session, if not during the act. An eye contact is definitely a way to tell you how much you two enjoyed that moment or how close it truly brought you to each other.

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Read body language

It is best to keep the kissing confined to a moment involving the lips. It should not involve hand movements or exploring the partner’s body, especially when you feel your partner shrinking away in tension. This not only sometimes spoils the fun of the moment, but completely distracts and puts off a kisser. It is also not advisable to do so especially if it is your first time. Don't Miss: 7 Types of Kisses for Passionate Lovemaking

However, extra hand gestures often give away the signs of deeper intimacy, which ideally should be tried when you two have developed a deeper bond. Don’t forget to embrace your partner and make them feel special and wanted while you are "in the moment". There is no greater physical satisfaction than allowing your feelings to flow and gestures to show as you seal your love for one another. In fact, try and hold your partner gently yet passionately, suggesting longing for more of the act.

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Make it only about "passion"!

Lip locking should not be like devouring your partner. It should be a delicate expression of love, but involving some passion as well. The "Hollywood-style tongue exploring" can be left for later. After all, the kiss should help you to build your partner's expectation and excitement, without revealing too much or giving away your further plans, if any!

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Kissing should not just be sudden desperate act. It is a signal suggesting passion. To hold on to the magic, it is important to create the feeling of longing in your partner. Holding hands and talking can be a very strong signal for that. After all you don’t want to end a potential series of kisses or passionate night with some sudden impromptu kiss sessions.

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