3 Expert Skincare Tips For All To-Be Brides Before A Winter Wedding


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3 Expert Skincare Tips For All To-Be Brides Before A Winter Wedding

Every bride wants to look gorgeous on her big day. Becoming a head turner while walking down the aisle and creating several memories to cherish is every bride’s dream. Only donning an exquisite dress wouldn’t give you that jaw-dropping look. While you have to follow a skin routine to get that radiant glow in winters, you also have to take precautions to ward off the risk of getting dry and parched skin on your wedding day.  

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Dry air in winters saps the natural moisture from the skin and often results in painful conditions such as psoriasis, and eczema. But, the adverse effects of winters can be minimised by preparing for it right now. Here is our action plan to keep your skin moisturised and supple during a winter wedding.  

#1. Keep the shower as brief as possible 

Skin Treatments For Winter Brides

Keep the shower as brief as possible and use lukewarm, not hot water, few days before the wedding. Switch to less aggressive, moisturising solutions instead of soaps since the pH of soap is 5.5 which is greater than that of skin. This high pH may cause the breakdown, leaking out natural moisture, lipids and nutrients from the skin. This increases dryness and can even result in rashes and worse eczema. 

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Skin Treatment for winter Brides

Apply moisturiser frequently, particularly before sleeping at night. Try to look for washes that include ingredients known as natural moisturising factors. Natural moisturising factors are humectants that are naturally present in the skin to help increase moisturisation in skin and its suppleness. Lastly, don’t forget to consult a dermatologist if symptoms of dryness persist since he/she will suggest you an appropriate treatment according to your skin type.      

#2. Include lots of omega fatty acids in your diet 

Skin Treatment for winter Brides

Watch your diet and include food rich in omega fatty acids few days before your wedding. Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids are found in fatty fishes as well as in nuts, avocados, and flaxseed, along with other sources. These essential nutrients act by reinforcing the skin barrier, making your epidermis more moist and supple. So, include Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids in your diet as it is an important component for proper skin hydration. 

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Skin Treatment for winter Brides

The most significant treatment to get a noticeable glow on your wedding day is NY Facial. Famous for its instant results, NY Facial is famous in Hollywood. Ideal to get an unforgettable pre-wedding glow, this facial is ideal for winter season since most of the weddings and festive parties are organised during winters.  One can witness, clearer skin and iridescent finish in just three steps.  

#3. Lumiere’s head-to-toe body facial

Skin Treatment for winter Brides

Another treatment ideal for winter weddings and specifically adapted for Indian skin is Lumiere’s head-to-toe body facial. It includes four steps namely, dermo-exfoliation, brightening-medi treatments, exposure to micro-light technology and finally enveloping the skin in nutrient –rich crème, which soaks the skin in vitamins and moisture. Ultimately, this treatment gives you younger, fresher, and brighter skin which you can dare to bare in any pre or post-party wedding engagements. In the end, follow the simple rules to keep your skin hydrated, look for natural moisturising factors in your skincare products, and visit your dermatologist if the symptoms of dryness persist. 

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Follow these simple tips and become a show-stopper on your wedding day.

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