15 Best Foods To Suppress Your Appetite Naturally


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15 Best Foods To Suppress Your Appetite Naturally

Uncontrollable hunger pangs are the most common thing, especially when you are stressed. And, they show up almost always between meal timings, tempting you to snack in an unhealthy manner. But don’t worry, we have 15 healthy foods that will make you feel full, without depriving you of nutrients.

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#1. Green tea

Green Tea weight loss

An age-old traditional drink of the Chinese is easily available everywhere. The catechin present in green tea hampers the movement of glucose into fat cells. This slows down the rise of blood sugar and prevents high insulin. When your blood sugar is stable, so is your appetite. Replace your routine morning and evening tea with green tea to consume lesser portions of your meals.

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#2. Dark chocolate

Dark Chocolate weight loss

Interestingly, its appetite suppressing quality lies in its taste, provided you choose the darkest variety. Choose chocolates that have at least 70 per cent cocoa, and you will feel satiated in just a couple of bites. In fact, we suggest you get all the antioxidant and stress-relieving goodness of dark chocolate by having it every day.

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#3. Eggs

Eggs weight loss

Eggs are the best hunger suppressants, especially when eaten for breakfast, they keep you feeling stuffed for long hours. No matter what else you have for breakfast, make one egg a part of it, and notice changes in your appetite. Not just that, the superlative protein and vitamin A present in eggs makes them the best choice for you to feel energetic all day long.

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#4. Ginger

Ginger weight loss

Ginger has been deemed as the cure for stomach disorders since ages. The chemical composition of ginger can affect your digestion and hunger in the best way. By aiding normal digestion, and being a great source of fibre, it has the inherent property of reducing hunger. Add ginger to your tea and fruit juices for that hot twist. You can even make it a compulsory additive for your vegetable preparations.

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#5. Avocados

Avacado weight loss

Avocados are high in energy, but the fats that they are composed of are the good ones. The essential fats in avocados trigger the satiety feeling, thus making you feel full quickly. Add two tablespoons of the yummy green pulp to your meal and note the change in your appetite! But make sure you eat them in moderation as they are rich in calories.

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#6. Tofu

Tofu weight loss

Tofu or soya paneer is made from soya milk, needless to say, that it is the best possible protein source for the vegetarians. Its high isoflavone content helps in suppressing appetite and lowering food intake. Use it just like you would use paneer or add to your salads and soups, and reap the goodness.

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#7. Cinnamon

Cinnamon weight loss

Cinnamon helps lower the blood sugar levels, thus keeping a check on your appetite. Try the western way of sprinkling cinnamon powder to almost everything- coffee, breakfast cereal, fruit, salads, etc. and mark the change in your hunger pangs.

#8. Almonds

Almonds weight loss

Almonds have been proven to enhance the feeling of fullness or satiety. This only adds to their endless benefits that range from antioxidant properties to being high in proteins and essential fatty acids. Add five to six almonds to your breakfast to see the results.

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#9. Apples

Apples weight loss

Apple is composed primarily of pectin, a soluble dietary fibre that makes you feel stuffed. The juicy fruit is low in calories and can keep you full for hours! Grabbing an apple is a great choice when you are really hungry between meals and are tempted to snack.

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#10. Oats

Oats weight loss

The soluble fibre, beta-glucan, in oats slows down your hunger pangs dramatically! Try having a bowl of oats for breakfast and you would know what we mean. Loaded with healthy carbs, oats are an excellent energy source even for diabetics.

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#11. Whole grains

Whole Grain weight loss

Whole grains are high on the healthy carbohydrate or fibre content that makes them a potent hunger suppressant. Their high fibre content also makes them a good energy source for diabetics.

#12. Flaxseeds

Flaxseeds weight loss

Flaxseeds are rich in micronutrients, fibre, essential vitamins and fatty acids. They hamper the uptake of sugar, thus resisting its speedy dissolution and hence managing to keep you feel full for a long time.

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#13. Raw veggies for salads

Salad weight loss

Having a large bowl of salad before your meal regulates the entry of glucose into the bloodstream, and this is likely to limit your food intake. Try the green salad, which is statistically more efficient in suppressing appetite than those with meat or potatoes.

#14. Soups

Soup weight loss

Soups are known to mimic the effect of a meal, thus tricking your appetite into feeling full. Especially the soups made with a variety of vegetables and a small cube of cheese can keep hunger at bay for hours! Try having a bowl right before your meal next time, and note the decreased portions you eat.

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#15. Fish

Roasted Fish weight loss

Apart from being excellent sources of proteins, unsaturated fat, vitamins A and D, fish are high in omega-3 fatty acids. So, on consuming fish, their fatty acids enhance the secretion of leptin- a hormone that is known to suppress hunger.

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Getting in shape and staying fit has never been easier! Especially with so many options available in your kitchen cabinet, you can now take your favourite pick.

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