14 Life Lessons That Every Parent Want Their Children To Know On Their Wedding


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14 Life Lessons That Every Parent Want Their Children To Know On Their Wedding

Weddings bring with them a swarm of emotions for every parent. Especially for the parents of the bride, who know that it is time for their little princess to leave their side, and move towards a new life with her man and his family. As a parent, no one wants to be away from their child ever, but as the saying goes, 'life goes on'! No matter how much they dread it, but their children do grow up, and eventually move out to make their own lives. Your parents may have scolded you, grounded you and punished you at many instances, but you are the only thing they value in the entire world; in fact, you are their entire world.

Amidst the emotional roller coaster ride that every parent goes through, there are a few things that they would want to impart their child with, before they embark on a new journey of life. Some parents might say it out loud, while others may not say it directly. But these are basically a few points that they would want you to know.

What Parents Want Their Daughters To Know

#1. Start your new journey with a smile on your face

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As parents are sad about letting go of their daughter during her vidaai, she too finds it difficult to hold back her tears. It is not easy for her to leave her family, and her home where she grew up before setting foot in her new family home. Yet, putting on a brave smile on their own faces, every parent wants their daughter to be strong and look forward to her new life, her a new family with positive thoughts and a smiling face.

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#2. Marriage is a full-time job

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Getting married is like joining a full time job with no salary and no ‘offs’. When we see our parents doing this, we never realise the intensity of it all. But, only after we get married, we realise that it would never be a piece of cake for us. Setting up and running our own house, being the best wife and daughter-in-law that we could, and standing thorough on everybody’s expectations altogether, can be extremely daunting.

#3. Always try to be financially independent

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The mindset of many from the younger generation has now turned into a very forward thinking, practical and westernised one. If things do not seem to work out between married couples, they keep the option of separation quite handy. However, no parent would ever want that situation to arise. But if it does, they want their child to be best prepared for it. Thus, every parent would want their daughter to be self-sufficient and financially independent. Having a financial stability will also increase your self-confidence, and going out to work will give you a good exposure to be updated in this fast-paced world.

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#4. Give time to your relation

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Another thing every parent reminds their princess about, is that she and her husband should give each other and their relation as much time as possible. If you want your relation to be fruitful, you need to nurture it. Do not blame office stress and housework for not being able to spend time together. Workout your routines and make plenty of time for each other.

#5. Always know your worth

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'Never underestimate yourself and your worth', this is something that most parents say to their girl, while they are growing up. Your parents did everything possible to make the wonderful person that you are today. There might be people in your new family who would constantly judge you or put you down, but do not let that affect you. Know your worth and ignore such people. Never ever succumb to their domination.

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#6. You have and will always continue to make us proud

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No matter what you do, where you go or what you do or do not achieve in life, one thing your parents want you to always remember, is that it is you who makes them feel proud every moment. The way you grew up and turned out to be this warm, genuine, loving, giving and amazing person, is a feather in their hat for their superb upbringing.

#7. Respect his parents

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Now that you are going into a new family, his parents are yours too. Your parents want you to respect them the same way you respect your own. Even if you may feel that they are wrong at times, do not misbehave, be disrespectful to them or raise your voice in front of them. They are your parents too, and know the difference between right and wrong. Always be loving and caring towards them.

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What Parents Want Their Son To Know

#8. Respect your wife- ALWAYS

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Most parents teach their sons to be respectful towards women right from his childhood. Being respectful towards his wife, thus is paramount. Never take her for granted. She does whatever she does for you because she cares for you and not because she is forced to. Respect her feelings and always be nice to her.

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#9. Marriage is a journey with many ups and downs

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Once married, you will have happy days, but there will be sad ones too. Hold on tight to one another during the difficult days. Be each other’s strength. Let your love for each other overcome any obstacle, come what may! As the saying goes, ‘every cloud has a silver lining’, consider this as the dawn before the dusk.

#10. Know the importance of savings

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Parents always teach their kids (mostly sons) about the importance of savings, especially after he gets married. There is no harm in spending money on yourselves, but everything must be done within limits. 'Cut your coat according to your cloth', is a proverb that stands true here. Along with being a big spender, you need to save a substantial amount of your salary for your future too. You will soon start a family and your responsibilities will increase manifold. So, you must learn to save.

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#11. Communicate with each other

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There is no problem that cannot be solved through civilised communication. Not only problems, but discuss your daily routines with each other too. Stay updated about each other’s lives. Talk a lot to know how your partner feels. That is the biggest step towards a long, happy and blissful marriage.

#12. Give her space

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Your wife leaves her entire life to come and be with you. The least you can do for her is to give her some space. So that she can do whatever her heart desires; be it joining some hobby classes, catching up with old friends or just letting her be. Marriage is a give and take relationship. You give some and in return get some too! This is one important life lesson your parents want you to learn.

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#13. Keep the house clean

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An experienced father can bet on this point and would want his son to follow it too. Most women have this strange and close connection with cleanliness. Keeping the house clean, picking up after yourself, keeping the toilet seat down, helping out sometimes in the kitchen are some of the things that will make your wife fall in love with you all over again and strengthen your marriage.

#14. Hold hands more often

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We live in the 21st century. There is no harm in being a little more open about your affections. By this, your parents certainly do not mean for you to embrace public display of affection. What they mean is for you to be more affectionate towards each other. Hug a lot, hold hands without a reason and cosy up whenever you get the chance. This will get you closer and make your marriage stronger.

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Though there is a lot more than this that every parent wants their children to know, we have made our best effort to sum it up for you. And, whether your parents told you this or not, we bet this is what they always want you to know and follow!

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