Things That Indian Couples Actually Do On Their Wedding Night And It's Nowhere Close To Being Filmy

Things That Indian Couples Actually Do On Their Wedding Night And It's Nowhere Close To Being Filmy

Before getting married, almost all couples imagine their wedding night. High expectations, a lot of excitement, a bit of nervousness, and many more things like these, lay the floor for the wedding night. After all, it is going to be an 'action-filled' night, isn’t it? Well, maybe or maybe not! While most of the Indian couples expect (or are expected) to have a never-ending lovemaking session on their wedding night, it rarely happens in reality.

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We know all those who have not yet ‘been there’ would be wondering, what happens on the wedding night then? So, here we get you a list of things that Indian couples actually do on their wedding night.

#1. Sleeping like a log

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Image courtesy: Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

With a long list of ceremonies and rituals, Indian weddings get quite too tiring. And, of course, the couple being a part of all of those ceremonies, gets affected the most. So, by the time they reach their room, all they can think of is crashing on the bed to sleep for as long as possible.

#2. Getting rid of the wedding outfits and accessories

Image courtesy: Housefull

After wearing their heavy wedding outfits for quite a long time, all that the couples want as soon as they enter their room, is to get rid of them. And, the bride cannot even remove the heavy wedding attire on her own, let alone the thousands of pins on her head! Hence, the grooms often get tangled in the tedious and tiring task of helping their brides to get rid of all those endless accessories. Well, does that leave any room for the 'mood'?

#3. Sorting out the silly pranks

Image courtesy: Band Baaja Baaraat

Whether they spend their wedding night at home or in a honeymoon suite, almost all couples are very much vulnerable to the silly pranks their cousins and friends might try to spoil their much-awaited night. The phone calls, the alarm clocks, the door banging and what not! Most newlyweds just spend the entire night sorting out such silly pranks.

#4. Talking their hearts out

Images courtesy: Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya

As the wedding day approaches, most couples do not get enough time to talk to each other amid the endless preparations and ceremonies. And, finally they get that time on their wedding night. And, believe it or not, a lot of them end up spending the entire night in simply a chit-chat session!

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#5. Taking a refreshing bath

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Images courtesy: Shuddh Desi Romance

Together or separately, taking a long bath is probably one of the most common ways how most couples spend a major part of their wedding night. Not only it helps them to shred off their weariness, but it also provides them a great experience if they get intimate thereafter.

#6. Unpacking the bridal trousseau

Images courtesy: Devdas

Well, you might find it a bit surprising, but it is true! All excited to show their new shopping to their husbands, a lot of brides start unpacking their bags on the very first night.

#7. Packing bags for honeymoon

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And, if the couple has to leave for their honeymoon the very next day, then they hardly have any option other than packing their bags for it!

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#8. Opening the wedding gifts


This is yet another common way how a lot of couples spend their first night. While it might sound quite exciting at first, the excitement vanishes once the couples unwrap those gift packs just to find things, like home appliances, crockery, lamps, etc.

#9. Discuss the wedding

parineeti and sushant

Images courtesy: Shuddh Desi Romance

Having been through a wonderful journey, couples usually take some time to get out of all those beautiful experiences that they get during all the celebrations. And hence, rather than getting intimate on their wedding night, they simply love to spend the entire time recalling how nicely did everything happen.

#10. Thinking about sex and staying hopeful

Images courtesy:Hasee Toh Phasee

All those unfortunate ones, who do not get the action on their wedding night due to some or other reason, they simply sleep blushing and stay hopeful about the early morning deal.

And, you always thought that the wedding night was all about a never-ending action-packed session, right? Well, we are sorry if we just shattered your dreams, but these are not the only things that all the couples do on their wedding night. Some of them do ‘get to the point’ as well. So, don’t feel sad and just stay hopeful!

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