10 Things Indian Brides Who Wear Chooda Go Through After Their Wedding

If you are also going to wear a set of 'chooda' soon, here are a few frustrations that you might have after your wedding because of this set of bangles.


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10 Things Indian Brides Who Wear Chooda Go Through After Their Wedding

One of the most popular traditions in a Punjabi wedding is the chooda ceremony of the bride-to-be, in which she adorns a set of beautiful red and white bangles. Traditionally, she is supposed to wear this chooda for at least 40 days after the wedding day. Well, while a lot of girls excitedly wait to wear these bangles, many of them dread them as well. Wait! With this, we do not mean that they want to avoid chooda completely. In fact, no Punjabi bride can ever feel complete without it. But, it is those days after her wedding that makes wearing chooda, a “not so pleasant” experience for a lot of them.

So, if you are also going to wear a set of chooda soon, here are a few frustrations that you might have after your wedding because of this set of bangles. But, before you assume that it only makes you feel bad, then wait till you reach the end of this article!

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#1. A mismatch with the western wear

The very next thing that you do immediately after your wedding is to go to some exotic location for your honeymoon. Imagine wearing hot and skimpy western wear like, shorts, bikini, skirts, etc., with traditional bangles in a foreign land! Not only they are a total mismatch, but you also might end getting a few unwanted glares for your fashion sense.

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#2. Mismatches with the traditional wear as well

Let's face it! Wearing a set of red and white bangles with traditional outfits can also make you look quite unusual. Trust us, you will really not be showcasing a great taste when you will wear this colour combination with clothes in other bright shades, like green, violet, blue, pink, orange, etc.

#3. It is so difficult to sleep

If you have not thought of it yet, then let us tell you that it is so difficult to sleep with the chooda. In fact, a lot of our readers, who had to wear chooda after getting married, shared their experiences with us. Well, not only it makes you toss and turn the entire night, but also gets painful when you sleep in a position where you keep your head over your hand. And, not to forget the bangle imprints that you will have all over your face and hands that you will have in the morning!

#4. The noise can be irritating too

It is not just while you sleep, but the noise of the chooda might not give you a moment of peace even during the daytime. Be it driving, working in the office, making food, watching a movie or whatever you do, you cannot do it without the music of your chooda. And, this is not all! The noise can be equally irritating for your other half as well.

#5. The poor husband’s struggle saga

Well, it is not just the brides, but even their husbands have also shared their part of the stories with us. The poor husbands have no choice but to hear the noise of the chooda whenever they are with you. What’s more? They may even get “physically assaulted” by it while you guys sleep or even make love. We bet no one thought of that while inventing this tradition!

#6. Winters become a nightmare

Come winters and you enter your biggest nightmare. Getting in and out of your well-fitted and soft woollens can be a really tough deal. And, not to forget the discomfort throughout the day as your delicate wrists will be burdened with not just those bangles, but also the full-sleeved clothes.

#7. The entire house is aware of your private moments

Everything else kept aside, you and your husband cannot even make love to each other in any part of the house without all the family members knowing about it, or let's say, "hear about it". All thanks to the noise of your chooda.

There is still something irresistible about it

Well having said all that, there are bigger reasons that can actually tempt a newlywed bride to wear it for a long time after wedding. Agreed, some brides get really uncomfortable in wearing a chooda  after wedding. But, there are also a lot of them, for whom these things get totally sidelined due to these awesome reasons.

#8. Gives you a new identity

Image Courtesy: Dino Jeram Photography

Wearing chooda gives you a new identity- the one of being a newlywed. This new phase of life can be best described through just wearing this beautiful set of bangles.

#9. Makes you feel so happy

As a lot of new experiences after marriage just make you feel elated, wearing chooda also adds on to this feeling. Being an important part of your new life as a married woman, just looking at it can make you feel special and ‘oh so happy!’ And, not to forget the beautiful moments during your wedding, that this chooda reminds you of.

#10. All eyes on you

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When you wear chooda, all eyes follow you wherever you go. A lot of people in India, especially women, love to observe the fashion of a newlywed bride. And with a set of chooda in your hands, you simply get that attention without screaming out loud, “Yes, I am married!”

Well, the answer to the question of whether a bride feels comfortable wearing a chooda or not, may differ for all. But, what stands true for all the brides is that all of them look incredibly beautiful when they wear it.