10 Beautiful Indian Embroideries For The Bride's Dream Wedding Trousseau


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10 Beautiful Indian Embroideries For The Bride's Dream Wedding Trousseau

There is no dearth of choice when it comes to incorporating varied fashion trends into your wedding trousseau. But, to lift up the look of your attire with the blend of ethnic and contemporary; you need something elite and splendid like Indian embroidery. The heritage craft that we have known since ages is still ahead of the game and inspiring even the designers across the globe.

Indian Embroidery

The beauty of this Indian-style stitching is marvellous and helps you celebrate your tradition and culture. From making the piece unique, designer and vibrant; embroidery also adds a touch of class and art to the couture. Let’s see how different types of embroidery have a big role to play in elevating the look of your bridal couture.

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#1. Attractive aari

Indian Embroidery

To have that royal and Mughal influence; embellish your dream bridal couture with an aari embroidery. The intricate and ornate stitching style, done with the needle known as ‘Aar’ is also known to be the flavour of Gujarat. The extremely refined needlework involves the use of beads, zari threads, aara and many such adornments. Imbibe this skill and make your outfit emblematic with the usage of sequins, pearls, unique motifs and garden patterns. Chain stitches closely rowed together (the method) in your lehenga will give it a great deal of depth and subtlety.

#2. Zealous zardosi

Indian Embroidery

For an occasion that makes memories, go for a signature silhouette in handcrafted zardosi, the art that finds its mention in Rig Veda and brought in by the Mughal rulers. More than just doubling up the existing splendour of your outfit; you will be narrating an unconventional story with the glittery zari work. Weaving the magic of metal threads especially on velvet and silk will make your lehenga legendary and will definitely add to your magnificent day. Figures like peacock, flowers and lotus will stand out with the work done in zari (the gold thread).

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#3. Appealing applique

Indian Embroidery

Brides who have the love for loom should go for the fabulous paste-stitching technique called applique. This embroidery style will not only make your couture eye-catching but will also add soul and life to your bridal wear. Partly ethnic and partly modern, the appliqué motifs will capture the elegance and the influence of an era. Just add the trendy and quirky motifs to your wedding attire and turn it into a timeless heirloom piece.

#4. Charming chikankari

Indian Embroidery

Subtle, glorious and appealing; the Lucknow-special chikankari can definitely compliment the look of a blushing bride. The attractive bootis of animals, flowers and creepers done in chikan work can offer a lot to enhance the trousseau of your big day. The unique needlecraft can also be associated to ancient times when it was introduced by Nur Jahan, the wife of Jahangir. So, wait not and pick the intricately detailed lehenga choli in chikankari to be the Nur Jahan of your groom.

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#5. Charismatic crochet

Indian Embroidery

The very art that you have been relating to your grandmother is all the rage these days. So, if you are bitten by the embroidery bug, you can have the crochet effect on your bridal lehenga. The old and lacy craft always spell chic with simplicity. Embrace a crochet embroidery on your blouse sleeves, border of the dupatta or the hem of the lehenga and you can just rock your princess look while you walk down the aisle. You can opt for edgy patterns to sit proudly on your special outfit.

#6. Bold banjara

Indian Embroidery

If you are looking for an ethereal and ancestral effect; go for the unique combination of patchwork, mirror and beads. The bold and brilliant weaving skill reflects the colourful lives of banjaras (nomads) of Andhra Pradesh. Decorative and distinct patterns like squares, diamonds and triangles are what you can have etched on your lehenga choli for that eclectic sense of fashion. Cowries or shells are another elements of a banjara embroidery which you can add too. Experiment with the style and bring out the colourful persona in you with one-of-a-kind bridal wear.

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#7. Classic kantha

Indian Embroidery

The appealing and treasured work of Bengal and Orissa reflecting on your wedding lehenga will be a cynosure for all the eyes. Kantha embroidery has the flavour of its own and is the most effective way to make your couture stand out. The threads of splendour run on the fabric with little gaps which makes the couture unique and matchless. So, wait not and let the graceful interpretation of kantha ooze the old-world charm on your Big-day. The robust handwork will revamp your bridal look. Just put your own twist to your outfit by opting for stylish and fresh patterns like birds, animals, paisleys and kalash.

#8. Flamboyant Phulkari

Indian Embroidery

Synonymous to Punjab, phulkari never fails to impress. Phulkari is an exquisite and expressive form of art which is actually done on the reverse of the cloth so that the design takes shape in the front. This floral creation has also given many a Bollywood movies a chance to represent the culture of Punjab. Salwar suits and lehenga with floral embellishments was the hottest must-have for Kareena and Anushka in movies Jab We Met and Phillauri respectively. So, take some inspiration and make your bridal lehenga replete with the versatile and breezy floral embroidery.

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#9. Graceful gota

Indian Embroidery

If putting up with the ethnicity and culture is your mantra, have your lehenga embellished in gota. The enriching gota will give a vintage vibe to your wedding wear and are ideal for those who want a light-in-weight couture. Associated with Rajasthan, the gota embroidery work will add the richness of Jaipur and Mughal era to your events and rituals. You can jazz up your cholis and dupatta too with a gota kinari or edging.

#10. Cool kasuti

Indian Embroidery

Kasuti work that has its origin in the state of Karnataka blends your modern and urban taste well with your culture. The patterns are stitched in a way on the fabric that both the sides look almost alike. The motifs used for this extravagant embroidery work are elaborate and expressive. Gopura, chariot, palanquin and lamps are the patterns that are carved using this technique. So, let the rich Kasuti do the talking for luxe and exuberant sense of fashion on your wedding.

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Indian embroidery is famous for its exclusive weaving-technique, the use of innovative motifs, regal threads, stylish patterns and ethereal glory. Experiment with the throbbing art and swirl your bridal lehengas and sarees with the mix of traditional and contemporary taste and establish yourself a unique identity. Tell us which one of the embroidery stole your heart?

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