7 Awesome Ways To Style Your Curly Hair Without Causing Breakage

By Sanjana Subramanian Last Updated: Mar 21, 2017 | 05:07:06 IST

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Hair care should be an essential part of every woman’s daily routine. We are all proud of our hair – well, most of us anyway! Therefore, we do go to great lengths to ensure that our tresses look styled and flawless, at all times.


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But, that does not really hold true when it comes to curly hair. If you have curly hair, you will know how difficult it is to keep it healthy and maintained, even for one day! Curly hair tends to frizz up, get tangled and is super difficult to style. All of this leads to two dreaded words – hair fall. Hair fall or hair breakage is a sign of damage. It’s like your hair is calling out to you, asking you for help. If you have curly hair that refuses to stay in good shape and is prone to breakage, we bet you’re going to be glad you read this.


Sit back and relax as we take you through the steps that will tell you how you can style your curly hair without causing any kind of breakage. Ready? Here we go!

#1. Choose the right shampoo and conditioner

First off, step into the shower and wash away all the dirt that your hair must have collected over the day. More importantly, use the right shampoo to do it. Each hair type is partial to a particular shampoo. For curly hair, we would suggest going for a shampoo that promises nourishment and smoothness. It will help your curls turn softer to touch and as a result, the strands will not snap off and break if you try to comb them.


Secondly, never ever step out of the bath without conditioning your hair. All types of hair require conditioning, but curly hair, even more so. Conditioners help lock in moisture, something that your curly hair absolutely needs. So, never skip out that step.

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#2. Dry your hair the right way

If you have curly hair, dry your hair the right way. When using a towel, do not rub vigorously, as this causes friction. Friction results in frizz as well as breakage, both of which you absolutely do not need! So, pat your hair dry instead of rubbing it.


Another option would be to use a clean, dry t-shirt instead of a towel. After you pat dry, turn your hair over and shake it about, so that your curls settle into their natural, comfortable shape. Forcing your curls into an unnatural shape also results in hair breakage. After that is done, just let your hair air-dry. Using a hair drier is NOT recommended.

#3. Use an anti-frizz serum


Once your hair is nearly dry, bring out a tube of your anti-frizz serum or any other curl-enhancing product you may have and dab it onto your curls. If you wish to, you could do this step after patting your hair dry and then work the serum throughout your hair with a wide-toothed comb. Doing this greatly helps reduce hair breakage. After you have spread the product, hand scrunch your curls and leave them loose.

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#4. Do not brush your curls


Brushing out your curls, whether they are wet or dry, is a big no-no. If you brush out wet hair, breakage will occur instantly! If you brush it out when dry, your hair will become frizzy and rough. So, always make sure to use a wide-toothed comb to detangle your hair or to work through any kind of serum or hair product that you may have applied.

#5. Stay away from heating tools

We know how difficult this can be, especially if you have been craving for straight, shiny hair. But, we cannot stress enough on the importance of keeping away from these heating tools. They can wreak havoc on your hair, especially with your curls. Hair becomes brittle and tends to break quicker than usual. So, always try and avoid using any heating tools to style your curly hair. Style them naturally by hand scrunching them. Besides, there are several tutorials that are available that can show you how to style your curls without using any of these tools. Check out some such DIY methods to get straight hair naturally.


#6. Keep your curls fresh and bouncy all day

You cannot expect your curls to stay fresh and look soft and nourished throughout the day. With summer setting in, it is just not possible. So, whenever you notice your curls losing their look, quickly spritz on a bit of water at the ends and hand scrunch them. It’ll give your curls a definition and will keep them looking nourished and healthy. If you carry hair serum with you, you could apply a bit of that once you spray your hair with water.

#7. Pick the right hair style


It just won’t do to have beautiful curls and not flaunt them! So, while several women with curly hair prefer to keep them out of the way in the form of a bun, we’d suggest otherwise. Buns can also cause breakage in curly hair, as the flyaway strands tend to get tangled up with your clip or your scrunchie and when you let your hair loose from its bun, you will see it.

So, just let your curls loose and show them off to the world! We would recommend going for a half-puff, with the bottom half of your hair left loose.


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And that ladies, is exactly how you can style curly hair with no breakage, whatsoever. Wasn’t that super easy? It does not take a great deal to have the tresses that you have always dreamt of possessing. Just a few simple and quick steps, and you are done! So go ahead, give these a try and let us know the results.