Here's How You Can Know The Exact Shape Of Your Face

By Ojasvee Last Updated: Jun 22, 2016 | 10:24:07 IST

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Accessories and some makeup can add more to your natural beauty, but it'll get even better if you know how to do it right. For this, the foremost thing is to know the basic shape of your face. Knowing the shape of your face helps you in easily selecting the right type of sunglasses, hairstyles, haircuts, etc.

There are many articles that talk about things you should do according to your face shape. What if you don't know what exactly is the shape of your face? Well, we have penned down simple and easy tricks that will help you out. Scroll on.


P.S: Before you begin, do keep in mind that whenever you measure your face, stand in front of the mirror without tilting your face.

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#1. Oval face

The mid-section, i.e. the cheekbone is slightly wider than the entire face, but not wider than the temple. The jawline is narrow, but soft and rounded. The width of the jawline and the forehead is almost equal. Basically, an oval face resembles an egg.

#2. Oblong face


Most people get confused between an oval and an oblong face because of the striking similarities. Although the proportion of the measurement remains the same in this case too, the vertical measurement differs. An oblong face is considerably longer than an oval face with cheeks and chin being edgy instead of soft and round.

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#3. Square face


Just as a square has all sides equal, a square face has all equal measures. The forehead, the cheekbone, and the jawline are properly aligned, sharing equal measurements. The jawline is angular and gives the face a very strong touch.

#4. Round face


Just like a square face, a round face has equal measurements of the forehead, cheekbone, and jawline. In addition to that, the width and length of the face are also equal. Instead of a sharp look, this type of face has round and soft curves from temple to chin. In some cases, the cheekbone may be a little wider.

#5. Triangular face

If the measurements of your face gradually decrease when you move from forehead to your chin, it's a triangular face. The forehead looks fuller than the chin, and the jawline may or may not be angular.


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#6. Heart face

If the measurements of your forehead and cheekbone are similar (cheekbone being slightly less wide), while the length of the jawline is comparatively very less, you have a heart shaped face. It is also known as the inverted triangle as in this case the jawline is the narrowest feature, while the forehead is the broadest.


#7. Diamond face

This type of face looks a little pointy because of the width of the cheekbone. The cheekbone is wide while the forehead and the jawline share almost the same measurement. The face is a little longer, and the temple and chin are pointy.

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These were few common types of face shapes along with some tricks to ascertain what you have. If you know the correct shape of your face, you can easily give your personality a big boost.