Expert Makeup Tricks To Make Your Face Look Thinner

By Bharti Taneja Last Updated: Jun 3, 2016 | 12:23:00 IST

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Makeup has some incredible effects that can camouflage imperfections, enhance best features, and can even make your face look thinner.

Whether it is a wedding function, birthday or anniversary celebrations, mastering the art of corrective makeup will let you have a red carpet moment every single day.


Here is how you can look perfect with the right products, colours and techniques like contouring and highlighting. 

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Benefits of contouring and highlighting

One can create sculpted cheekbones or hide double chin after understanding the high and low points of the face. It is crucial to know where to shade or contour and where to highlight for a balanced effect.

For this, one must buy three shades of a foundation or base of the same brand. One shade must be matching to your skin tone, while the other two should be a shade or two lighter and darker than your original colour. The idea behind contouring is to use dark colours to thin down certain areas while the lighter colours are used to highlight a certain area.


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Take a look: Here is an international celebrity Kim Kardashian. See, how she transformed her regular girl-next-door looks into a red carpet diva, simply through contouring and highlighting.


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Here are some contouring tricks, you can try:


  • If you wish to downplay your double chin, then apply the darker colour foundation on your jawline blending into the neck. The illusion of depth will definitely give your face a lot more definition and make it look slimmer.
  • In order to narrow your forehead, use one shade darker foundation to create a shadow effect around the temples along the hairline.
  • Slimming down the nose by shading the sides a little darker, while keeping the centre light will make it appear sharper and thinner.

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Get chiselled cheekbones and collar bones

We all crave to have chiselled cheekbones and here is how you can achieve this.

  • Just suck in your cheekbones to make an ‘O’.
  • Apply the darker shade from the hollow to the corner in a line.
  • Apply lighter colour or highlighting powder on the highest plane of the cheek to enhance it even further.
  • Create a long neck with prominent collar bones by shading the sides and filling the hollows of your collar bone with a darker colour.

Tip: Make sure that the products you choose for contouring your skin in a darker tone have a matte finish. While, the products you use for highlighting can have a little sheen or glossy effect for achieving a radiant and dewy look.

Accentuate contouring with blushes

During contouring, we cannot undermine the need for a perfect blush in order to attain a natural and radiant flush on the skin. A correct blush not only mimics a healthy glow, but also slims down your face since it camouflages the chubby cheeks. Your blush can be either in powder or cream form, matching your skin tone. If your skin gravitates more towards being yellow, then go for peachy blushes. But, if you already have a pink glow on the face, then choose pretty pinks to enhance it further. A correct application of rouge would make your face look thinner instantly.


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You can create two kinds of looks

Here are two different kinds of looks that you can create with the help of contouring and highlighting:

#1. Flushed -  This is one of the most popular looks, sported by Kareena Kapoor, which works well during the day.


How it's done

Forming a 'C': Here the blush is applied from the nose to the cheekbone forming a ‘C’.

A dab on the nose: The nose is also dabbed very lightly with a blush to make it look thinner.


This look is achieved best with cream blushes, which can also be applied to the chubby chin to define it further giving it a natural look.

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#2. Runway - It is a kind that works best for very chubby girls, especially while going out in the night. One has to fill the cheek areas by creating a sharp angle.


  • It can be attained by sucking in the cheeks and forming an ‘O’ with your lips. 
  • Then, shade the deep area with a brown blush.
  • Apply lighter blush on an angle on your cheekbones, starting from the centre of the cheeks into your hairline.

This look will look great only if it is completely blended where one cannot see the start or end point of the blush application.

So, it is time to upgrade your makeup kit with products that help you achieve the desired look. And, use these contouring and highlighting tricks to make your face look thinner and more chiselled instantly!


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