Ridhi Dogra Talks About Falling In Love With Someone Post Divorce With Her Ex-Husband, Raqesh Bapat

'Asur' actress, Ridhi Dogra talked about falling in love again after her divorce with ex-husband, Raqesh Bapat in her latest interview. Find out!

By Rishabh Naudiyal Last Updated: Jan 21, 2021 | 15:27:43 IST

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In the year 2019, television celebrities, Ridhi Dogra and Raqesh Bapat had left their millions of fans heartbroken when they had announced their separation after eight years of marriage. The couple had released a joint statement confirming their split in which they had confirmed the then-ongoing reports of them living separately. The two had also revealed that it was a mutual decision, and despite the end of their marital life, they still hold utmost respect and admiration for one another in their respective hearts. Ridhi and Raqesh had also added that both their families are quite supportive of their much-discussed decision of separation. Also, the two will still remain best friends and will continue to care and look after each other's families. (Recommended Read: Sushmita Sen's Daughter, Renee Sen Reveals Why She Chose Not To Know Who Her Biological Parents Are)

Despite their separation, the two had always spoken highly of each other in their respective interviews and had never shied away from posting heart-melting wishes for each other on their birthdays. Once again, Ridhi Dogra has talked about her divorce with ex-husband, Raqesh Bapat but this time, she also revealed whether she will ever fall in love again with someone else or not. Scroll down to know it all!


In an interview with the Bombay Times, when actress, Ridhi Dogra was asked whether she will give love another chance in her life after her divorce with ex-husband and television actor, Raqesh Bapat. The actress stated that at the moment, she wanted to focus on her work and wants to be the best version of herself. She said, "Currently, I am open to good work and want to focus on that. I need to be the best person and feel complete so that when I do find someone, I can make that relationship perfect. I want to be surrounded by good people and be empowered in such a way that I can share my silences with someone." Ridhi also added that communication is the bloodstream of any relationship in this world and added, "Communication is important in a marriage because only good communication leads to compatibility. Love is the base of every relationship, but if you don't share things with your partner, it can get difficult."


Going further in her interview, Ridhi Dogra also revealed that she's still in touch with her ex-husband, Raqesh Bapat occasionally and credited him for having a non-turbulent transition back to single-hood after eight years of marriage. She said, "Raqesh and I have been in touch occasionally, and I know that he is still family for me. People think that celebs can divorce and move on in their lives, but that's not true. It requires a lot of dignity and grace to be able to do that. I am thankful to Raqesh for helping me evolve, and our friendship has helped us transition easily into a new phase." (Don't Miss: Anushka Sharma And Virat Kohli's First Appearance As Parents, Take Their Newborn Baby Girl To Clinic)


The actress also admitted it quite frankly that it's not easy to live in this world without a companion, as everybody needs a partner, who supports them. But Ridhi Dogra also highlighted the importance of self-love and revealed why it's equally necessary to have a healthy bond with your own soul and singledom. She said, "Everyone wants to come home to someone. While I do miss having a companion, I feel that one should learn to enjoy this phase, too. It is important to love yourself and have a relationship with yourself first. There are so many who are trapped in lonely marriages." The actress concluded her statement by insisting about the urgent need for an inward journey in our lives. She concluded, "I feel it's important to understand that you don't need anyone to complete you; you should also not be affected by anyone who enters or exits your life. You have to be at peace with yourself, understand your flaws and appreciate the good qualities. The inward journey is important." (Also Read: On Krishna Shroff's Birthday, Her Brother Tiger Shroff's Alleged GF Disha Patani Calls Her, 'Strong')

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