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5 Movies You Should Watch on Valentine's Day

Movies are the best way to spend some romantic time with your beloved. What is better than to cuddle and go through the sweet emotions of love together. And, there ...more

How to Give Your Bedroom a Romantic Look

If you are married or are about to enter into the matrimonial bond, you would definitely want your bedroom to personify the romance and love that you feel. You can ...more

Ten Most Romantic Dialogues of all Times

Love at first sight, partners for life, till death do us part... the complexities and mysteries of romantic feelings have always found a voice in films. Some of these movies ...more

Celebrate Valentine week in style

Hope you are making your partner feel loved and special this Valentine’s day? Love is in the air and if you want to be innovative and not go the conventional ...more

8 Surprising Things That Turn Men On

There are some obvious things that turn on a man, such as the ability to strike an intelligent conversation and confident body language. But, it is also surprising that how ...more

6 Tips for a Budget-Friendly Honeymoon

A lavish wedding followed by a fantastic honeymoon is the perfect way to celebrate a new chapter of love and togetherness. With all that elaborate expenditure during your wedding, you ...more

10 Most Romantic Dialogues of Bollywood

Bollywood is brimming with timeless classics. The genre most touched upon is that of idyllic romanticism. From Mughal-e-Azam to Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, the romantic dialogues taken from Bollywood classics ...more

Romantic Honeymoon Destinations during Monsoon

The marriage celebrations are finally over. And, now it is time for your honeymoon planning. But wait! Are you worried that the monsoon rains will spoil your entire trip? Well, ...more

5 Most Expensive Honeymoon Suites Around the World

Your honeymoon is the most memorable time of your life. This is when you want to literally forget about everything else and spend time having fun and getting to know ...more

6 Exciting Ways to Make Him More Romantic

At times, throwing some fuel to your long-term relationship becomes very necessary in order to re-ignite your love life once again! An average guy tends to be pretty romantic, but ...more

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