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Dealing with a drunken groom - Best Man Tips

A wedding is a happy occasion, right? Booze flows freely and its not unusual to find guests totally sozzled before the big event. But what is the groom is totally ...more

7 Super Romantic Things that Husbands Do Unknowingly

If you think that your woman is tough to please, think again. Because, the reality is far from it. The big news is that your women actually are pleased by simple, ...more

Being A Stylish Indian Groom

The big day has arrived, it is the biggest day of your life, and you are excited. With changing times, the groom finds the spotlight on him too, which was ...more

The Groom who ditched the Ghori for Skates

Wedding is an event where the Bride- Groom gets the maximum attention.  But this wedding was such where the Groom got extra attention, just because he used an innovative idea ...more

Stylish Safa for the Handsome Groom

How do you spot an Indian groom at 50 paces? The perfect attributes of an immaculately turned out Indian groom are a rich embroidered sherwani, a dupatta (stole) worn around ...more

Accessories for the Groom

The overall look of groom is incomplete without accessories. A simple look can stand out stylish and trendy by just selecting the right accessories. Here are some style check tips ...more

How to Choose Perfect Sehra for the Groom

A sehra is an important wedding accessory for the Indian groom. It is associated with the prestige and honour of the grooms. They are also expected to carry it with grace and élan. ...more

Stylish Groom Wear by Rama Collezionni

Wedding is not just the bride’s day; it is indeed a special day for the groom also. In today’s time men are equally into fitness and conscious about their look ...more

5 Smart Tips to Start a Conversation with a Girl

How to start a conversation with a girl, is the million dollar question for most guys. Especially if you are meeting a girl introduced by your parents, it seems like ...more

The 7 Vows made by Indian Grooms to their Wives

In a traditional Hindu wedding, the wedding ceremony takes place in Vedic fashion. Here, the time of the marriage is decided by the pandit based on the star-charts of the ...more

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