Indian Wedding Photography

No Indian wedding can be complete without an album displaying the photographs of your beautiful memories. But you wouldn’t want your Indian wedding photography to be monotonous and ordinary. So, let us have a look at a few tips, which will ensure your wedding photography is absolutely unique.

Choosing your wedding photographer

If you want great wedding photographs, you need to hire a photographer who understands you perfectly. Technical skills are a must, but your photographer should also be able to capture the emotions of your candid moments. So, don’t choose a photographer in one meeting. Have a look at his previous work, talk to him and see if you gel well with him; only then will your photographs turn out absolutely stunning.

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Pre-wedding photographs

Recreating your proposal, dressing up in quirky costumes or clicking a few romantic moments are some ideas for your pre-wedding photographs. Go on a one-day picnic with your husband-to-be and ask your photographer to accompany you. You can get some nice pictures against a pretty backdrop.

There are some moments which you will cherish all your life, they could be you surrounded with all your friends and family or a simply a photograph of you and your hubby enjoying chaat. It all depends on you. No idea is silly, if it truly makes you happy.

Ceremony Photographs

In an Indian wedding, sangeet and sagai photos are an important part of your wedding album. Instead of static photographs, ask your photographer to move around and capture all the candid moments. Your husband not being able to take his eyes off you, your friends hugging you, your elders giving you ashirwaad (blessings) or your mom-in-law welcoming you to the family are moments which cannot be ‘posed’. They need to be natural and from the heart.

On a lighter note, you can also keep some props around and click some funny photographs with your friends and family to liven things up a little.

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Wedding photographs

Indian wedding photography can be really tiring, and it is something that most brides dread. But you would not want pictures in which you are looking absolutely stiff and irritated. So, always take breaks in between. After half an hour, sit down and grab a refreshing drink or a bite. Your Indian wedding photographer should be able to gauge when you are not in the mood and let your relax a bit. Instead of standing in one place, you can always mingle around with your guests and have a word with everyone. Your photographer can follow you around, and capture moments in which you are naturally happy and relaxed.

Personality photographs, where every person is allowed to depict some emotion, mirror photos where the photographer clicks the picture of the image in the mirror, and cut-outs through which only faces are visible are some unique things you can add to wedding photography. Never undermine the power of laughter; these photographs come out the best.

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Some tips to look gorgeous in all your photographs

1) Before you finalise your makeup, ask your photographer to check whether it looks good in photographs.

2) Practice a few poses and angles with your lehenga on and see which one suits you.

3) Avoid the double chin by elevating your face slightly and turning your face in an angle.

4) Do not slouch, put your weight on the back foot and stand with your hips rotated at a 45-degree angle from the camera.

5) And last but not the least, enjoy yourself and revel in happiness.

Image Courtesy- Faizan Patel Photography, Photo Tantra, Mahima Bhatia Photography.

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