Indian Wedding Photography

Wedding celebrations are made up of moments that are quite hard to define, but create long-lasting memories. These memories are fondly remembered, and often become the topic of discussion long after the celebrations are over. Therefore, it can be said that weddings are incomplete without memories in the form of pictures that are captured and placed in the albums for posterity. However, when it comes to Indian wedding photography, most couples do not want a monotonous album, and are now opting for candid images to be a part of their memorable album. There are certain ‘dos and don’ts’ that should be heeded in order to ensure that the wedding album looks its best:

The person behind the lens

Talking about Indian wedding photography, the important thing to note is that most couples do not really conduct a thorough research while choosing their wedding photographer. Instead, they hire someone that just does the job in their set budget. Therefore, choosing a photographer that understand and delivers what you want is the most important thing. The person should not only have good photography skills, but should also be able to capture some amazing candid moments throughout the day, which will make a wedding album even more special. Take a look at the portfolio of a few photographers, before making a final selection. These decisions should never be made in haste, but involve careful thought.

Before the wedding

Since an Indian wedding has quite a few components to it, the photographer has to be ready to ‘shoot’ the ceremonies that fall before the actual wedding day. The mehendi and sangeet as well as other important days should be captured, because they are filled with rituals and celebrations that are worth preserving. Fun and light-hearted moments can be captured during these days, adding more meaning to the main wedding day. The photographer should be told to take rounds and capture moments, which may include families discussing ideas, friends laughing and enjoying each other’s company or the to-be husband and wife catching small glances.

These photographs need to be as natural as possible to make them look special. A photo-shoot is always welcome, and so fun props could serve as the background for a hilarious photo shoot, especially of the to-be wed couple.

On the DAY!

Indian wedding photography always comes across as vibrant and full of life, owing to the presence of a variety of colours on display, which then get translated to some stunning moments in pictures. Also, ceremonies like haldi, and other rituals need to be captured too, as these make a wedding day complete. The wedding photographer should look for small, intimate moments either between the couple or their families, which will look really good in print. These may include the bride indulging in last-minute makeup touch-ups, the groom adjusting his watch and talking to his friends, or the father and mother of the bride spending time with the bride moments before she ties the knot. These precious moments are perfect before the festivities begin.

The main event

With the events that transpire throughout the entire day, Indian wedding photography can be a little tiresome. Therefore, photographers are advised to take adequate breaks in between shots. Wedding photographers should not make the bride and groom their only point of capture, but should instead focus their attention on other aspects and moments which will provide them a bit of respite. A photographer should also be able to mingle with the crowd and capture fun moments on the go. The bride and groom talking and interacting with their guests also allow photographers the chance to show their skills.

Standalone photo-shoot

In Indian wedding photography a separate photo-shoot is always conducted with the bride and the groom exclusively to capture some rare and beautiful moments, in the midst of all the ceremonies. Posing near a water body or in an opulent setting will lead to the creating of some beautiful photos which will definitely be remembered for years to come. However, some candid moments alone are what is truly perfect, and will make for some great wall hangings.

The perfect shot

There are some tips the bride (and the groom) can follow to ensure that they get the perfect shot. Brides should ask their photographers if their makeup translates well into photographs. Only then should the photographer be allowed to capture a shot. The bride does have to look her best when she is captured in a shot.

A lehenga may be quite heavy at times, and so brides are asked to practice their poses to get the most comfortable angle for the photographer to shoot at. The angle should highlight the bride’s best features while making her look good and radiant.

Brides can elevate their chins to avoid looking too plump in photographs because it could not really lead to some best pictures. Brides are asked to stand upright without slouching too much, as it could prove to be quite undesirable when captured on film. Also, be natural so that the entire photo-shoot does not come across as too rehearsed. A natural setting calls for some natural posing.

Destination weddings

Indian wedding photography is now heading to different parts of the globe with destination weddings becoming the latest craze. Exotic locales like Thailand, Bali and even Vietnam are becoming the go-to places for weddings. Therefore, photographers have their task cut out for them when they have to shoot locations that they may not be very familiar with. The trick is to scout the area for best places for photo shoots a day before the wedding, so that when the actual day arrives, the photographer will have places in mind that will serve as the best location for capturing candid images. These locations may offer light or a stunning background which will definitely create magical memories.

Therefore, photographers should never pre-plan their every move but should go with the flow and to capture some stunning images which are natural and stunning to look like. Also, selecting the final lot of images is crucial as there may be so many options to choose from that may not necessarily be the easiest job in the world. Make it a day that the couple will never forget.

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