Wedding Hairstyle Ideas for a Bride

Wedding Hairstyle Ideas for a Bride

Your wedding day is the most memorable and joyful day of your life and being the bride you need nothing, but the best for the day. Being the center spot of attraction, you have to look the very best and beautiful on your wedding day. A good hairstyle will subtly complement your looks and the finery of your wedding trousseau. Here, are some handy tips to use while choosing a bridal hair style. The key factor is the length of hair, as this will influence the various options for styling the hair.

Ideas for Shorter Hair
Though brides with short hair may find it hard to find a fanciful hair style idea, there are a few options that are worth considering.  You can gel and set the hair in short perms, which might go well with a gown or a lehenga. But, in case you are wearing a saree, then it would be a good idea to add hair extensions, so that you can style the way you want it. You can tie hair in a neat bun, leave them open or wear hair accessories like head bands and ornate hair clips that will give you an elegant look.

Ideas for Medium length Hair
Medium length is perfect for all types of bridal hair style, as you can wear up or leave open in curls or straighten your hair. One of the innovative styles for medium length hair is to twist separate portions of hair up and hold the hair using clips and flowers. It will not just keep the hair away from the neck region, but will also give a neat and fashionable look. In case, you have a perfect neck and back, this is a subtle way to show off too!

Ideas for Long Hair
Contrary to the common belief that long hair is easy to put up for bridal hair styles, very long hair could pose a few challenges. Long hair can be left open with lavish curls to give a bountiful look or can be pinned up in a dainty bun style. However, in case you are planning to leave your hair open, make sure you use ample hair spray. This will keep the curls in place, and avoid any sort of mess as the day progresses. The unruly hair locks are not just difficult to manage but could also spoil the beautiful profile of the bride that you had dreamt of.

Expert Tips
It is recommended to take the expert tips and hair styling ideas of a professional hair stylist at least two-three weeks before the wedding date. This would give you ample time to mull over the different options and to choose the one that suits your hair for your big day. The hair dresser would tell you the style that suits you the most. Also, take care to choose a style that will compliment your dress and not something that stands out!

Be Comfortable
The most important tip is to choose a hair style that you are comfortable with, and that matches your personality. If you do not like the hair stylist’s suggestions, discuss with him/her about your ideas to create a style that suits you the best. No matter what hairstyle you choose, make sure that you are happy with your looks because it is your day!

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