Trouble in Abhi-Ash Paradise

Aishwarya Rai—the gorgeous Bachchan bahu has been a picture of matrimonial harmony. Her marriage with Abhishek Bachchan and the relationship with her in-laws have never engaged controversy. However, many Bollywood observers opine that Aishwarya Rai ’s behavior in the company of her husband and in-laws seems rather artificial.

This somewhat-embarrassing fact about Aishwarya’s mannerisms seems to have been noticed by Abhishek too. Recently, at an award ceremony, Aishwarya was again displaying her exaggerated enthusiasm. Abhishek took an exception to her behavior this time. He asked Ash to accompany him into the hotel lobby.

Onlookers suggest that Abhi asked his better-half to tone down her conduct. To the surprise of most spectators, this did not go down well with Aishwarya. A heated argument soon erupted. Reports suggest that despite Abhishek’s repeated attempts to make Aishwarya understand the reason beyond his objection, the Bollywood queen didn’t back down.

Realizing his efforts were unlikely to yield anything except more public glare, Abhishek asked the security guard to accompany Aishwarya to her hotel room!

It seems that the honeymoon period for one of Bollywood's most loved couples is nearing its end. The realities of a married life are now catching-up with them. This might also be the tip of the iceberg, i.e. troubles surfacing in the Bachchan Khandaan.

It should be noted that Aishwarya has seen her status in Bollywood slip recently, particularly due to her maternity-induced absence. Abhishek too isn't ruling the actor’s pack in Bollywood while papa, Bachchan Sr. is still recovering from a series of operations. While Mr. Bachchan Sr. is popular for overcoming tough times like a true warrior, time will tell if Abhi-Ash are ready for life’s challenges.

Do you feel that Bollywood couples like Abhi-Ash owe it to their fans to behave more responsibly? Do you believe that Aishwarya’s attempts at being explicitly affectionate are objectionable, considering that being a Bachchan Bahu can never be easy?

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