Traits of Numerology Number 5

People born on 5th, 14th and 23rd of a month belong to the numerological group of number 5.

Prospective partners from this group will be great companions for those who have the affinity for them. They are diplomatic, humorous and very intelligent. If you have a prospective partner or a would-be spouse, who is a number 5, then you sure are set to fly high with romance in the air at all times.

Behavioural traits of male

If your male partner or husband is a number 5, then you will have a good life. It is because number 5 husbands share a greater luck quotient and enjoy a happy married life. They always select a person, who is a mirror image of their own and that is how the happiness multiplies. Their selection is always good and they love their partner immensely. However, a number 5 person will love his wife or partner all the more, if she is neat and clean. Filthiness irritates them, so beware. He will also like his partner to be well dressed all the times and will love her very much. It is not just about partner or wife, they are equally devoted to the rest of the family and children as well.

Behavioural traits of female

If your wife is number 5, then she will love her home as well as her work outside. They are multi-taskers and accommodate several activities in their daily schedule, only to come out as winners. They love their surroundings clean and are characterized by being very commanding.


They gel best with numbers 1,5,7,3 and 9. However, they aren’t bad with number 8 either and seem to remain just calm and neutral with them.

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