Top Skin Care Dos and Don'ts at Night

Top Skin Care Dos and Don'ts at Night


Each time you see your face in the mirror, you find your skin even more dark and dull. You take the best diet possible, use the best of fairness creams and hit the gym too. But, your skin shows no signs of improvement. Well, in that case, have you paid attention to your basic skin care routine? Do you remove makeup before going to bed? Or do you take adequate amount of sleep at night? There are many such practices which we neglect before going to bed. They not only make our skin look older, but take away all its sheen as well. Here are a few skin care dos and don’ts, which you must follow at night.

Sleeping with makeup on

Do Not: Sleeping without washing your face can make your skin more prone to acne.


What to Do: Always remove makeup before you hit the bed. Makeup does not allow skin pores to breathe. Also, the dirt particles, if not cleaned, can make you look dull and more prone to acne. So, make sure you wash your face before going to sleep. And if you feel too tired to follow this routine daily, you can at least keep some face wipes or a face towel by your bed side. They will work best in removing dirt and impurities from your skin. 

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Do Not: Over-exfoliating your skin can lead to rashes and breakouts.


What to Do: Well, exfoliating is an excellent procedure to remove dead skin cells. It works well to give a radiant and youthful skin. Usually people exfoliate their skin twice a week. But, if you have a sensitive skin then once a week is enough. Over-exfoliation can do more bad than good to your skin. It can trigger irritation, rashes and breakouts. What is more important is that you do it in moderation. You can also exfoliate your skin using homemade scrubs. Oatmeal, brown sugar, gram flour (besan) and coffee can work wonders for your skin, when used as a scrub.


Do Not: Sleeping without applying moisturiser is a strict no-no.

What to Do: Apply a moisturiser daily before going to bed. If you have a dry skin, it becomes all the more important for you to use it. Moisturising keeps your skin hydrated, thus preventing it from ageing. So, buy a moisturiser that suits your skin type. People with oily skin should use light weight and oil-free moisturisers, while the ones with dry skin should use products that have natural oils such as grape seed and lanolin.

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Beauty sleep

Do Not: Cuting down on your sleep can speed up the ageing process.

What to Do: Try to get enough sleep (at least eight hours). It allows cell regeneration, which happens quicker at night as compared to daytime. Moreover, the skin is not being pinched with harmful UV rays and pollution at night. This regeneration of cells helps in the process of reversing the damage caused to skin during the daytime. Sleeping after taking a warm bath is a great idea. You can also listen to some soft music for a peaceful and relaxing time in bed.

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Eye care

Do Not: Ignoring the skin around your eyes can cause puffiness and dark circles.

What to Do: Wash the skin around your eyes at least twice a day. You may use your finger to do that. You can also put potato or cucumber slices on your eyes to get rid of puffiness. Applying potato juice can also help you get rid of dark circles.

If you religiously follow these little tips at night, you will surely look as radiant as ever and remain blemish-free for long! 

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