Top Secret Shopping Tips to Look Slim

The extra kilos don’t have to be translated into boring, oversized outfits. Rather, you must get more careful about camouflaging the trouble areas to look thinner. Getting your hands on the correct colours and styles will not only ensure that you look thin but also feel more confident and sexy.

Let low-fat dressing not just be restricted to the salads and sandwiches, but also extend to what you wear and how. Find some secrets to shopping below.

Wardrobe Wonder
Trade your unassuming loose kurta salwars for shirts and business suits. A suit can make you look slender when that jacket is fitted along with straight-legged pants. Tunic tops build an illusion of a trimmer waistline, perfect for weekend breaks. If you have thinner bottom, get some A-line skirts made out of structured fabrics that would show off those curves. Empire waist dresses and tops can flatter every body type.

Colour Me Right
Wearing one colour from head to toe can add length to your body. Sporting many colours together has a chance of making one appear heavier and shorter. By same colour, we do not mean exactly the same. But, learn to match-much in the family like white, beige and peach go well together. Black is every girl’s best friend, isn’t it?

Eye to Details
It is imperative to wear clothes with some detailing so it distracts the other person from concentrating on your body shape and weight. An interesting ruffled neckline or Swarovski on the skirt can really shift the focus. Wear an interesting belt or bangles to add to the otherwise plain outfit.

Tailor Tricks
If you are not finding size 16, buy an 18 and go to your tailor and tell him to fix it. Do not end up buying a 14 and say that it looks okay. Wearing tight clothes on a big body is not the best thing to do. It is much better to tailor down a garment that is too big than too small. Remember, doing any alteration to the hip and shoulder area can really ruin the outfit.

Lingerie Luxury
Inner beauty is as important as the outer. This might not have been said in this context ever but it holds true. Yes, what you wear under your garments can also make or break the look. A good rule of thumb is wearing the right bra size and pantyhose under the garment.

Must haves
Make sure you have a black dress with a neckline that suits you. This can undoubtedly work for all your special occasions styling it with a different bag and piece of jewellery. For the cold weather, don’t end up wearing big jackets to warm you up, rather invest in some belted coats clinched at the waist. A cardigan that is part shawl and part sweater can be draped beautifully to cover the bulge. 

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