Top Director-Heroine Jodis of Bollywood

It takes two to tango- and it took some fabulous pairing to create some of the most remembered and remarkable films of Indian cinema. Here is a look at some of the Director-Actress pairing that truly spelt magic on celluloid and success at the box-office. 

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Raj Kapoor-Nargis
Raj Kapoor-Nargis

Few Bollywood relationships have generated as much success and controversy as of these two. Raj cast Nargis in his directorial debut- Aag and they went on to work together in 16 films, six under Raj’s own banner. In most of the films, Nargis at least once appeared in a white sari- an RK trademark. The scene from ‘Barsaat’ with Nargis in Raj’s arms remains the RK films’ logo till this day. It was said that Raj was in love with Nargis, but as he was already married he had to let go of her. 

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