Top Bollywood Ex Couples Who Are Not Friends Now

The argument whether ex-lovers can be friends, continues to engage contrasting opinions. However, in general most of them do not remain friends. In the recent times, many Bollywood couples who broke up, chose not to be pals with each other. In fact, most of them have not even maintained a professional relationship. Here are a few celebrity couples, who chose not to stay friends post their break-up.
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John and Bipasha
John and Bipasha

John Abraham and Bipasha Basu were among the most popular couples of Bollywood. Marriage was definitely the next step for this much-in-love couple. However, their relationship did not mature into a wedlock. Instead, their sudden break-up left most fans shocked. For many, it was John who was not ready for marriage. But, fingers were pointed at Bipasha too; she was linked to her Singularity co-star, Josh Hartnett. However, these are just speculations as the real problem was not spelled out by either Bipasha or John.

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