Top 8 Mistakes Married Women Make in Bed

Lovemaking is a beautiful experience. It is something that brings two people close- physically and emotionally. However, if you are not satisfied with the experience then maybe you need to look into the matter. It may not necessarily be your spouse’s fault, maybe there is something you are not adding to make it more eventful. You might be making certain mistakes, unintentionally, which can lead to drought in the sea of enjoyment. So, here are some common mistakes that women might make in bed. Think over these before you start with a blame game.
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Are you responsive?
Are you responsive?

Are you too quiet or less responsive to his gestures or movements? Maybe you should reciprocate to let him know how it feels. It is good to let him do his thing. But, he will enjoy and make it even more enjoyable for you if you are a bit responsive to his approaches. So, the next time he comes around, don’t be quiet. It is about time you let him know that he drives you crazy.

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