Top 5 Favourite Bollywood Shaadis

Indian films and Indian Weddings belong to the same creed. Both are all about Fun, Glamour, Gossip, Families and a lot of dhoom-dhadaka. In a country obsessed by films and festivities, it’s hard to tell whether the movies inspire the real weddings or the real ones generate the ideas for the reel ones. Here are few films who were all about Indian weddings and immortalised Bollywood Shaadis through their portrayal. 

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Bride and Prejudice
Bride and Prejudice

A desi adaptation of the Jane Austen's classic novel Pride and Prejudice, Gurinder Chaddha's B&P (or Balle-Balle Amritsar to LA) brought east and west together. The film brought out all the colours of a typical modern big-fat Indian wedding, right from the bride-shopping NRI grooms to the desperate mothers trying to get their daughters married off as soon as possible.

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