Top 10 Wedding Dance Songs


Dance and songs are an integral part of Indian weddings. In fact, Indian weddings are synonymous with foot tapping music. However, there is a problem. There are so many songs from the Indian film industry and private albums that it becomes a very confusing task to choose some for a wedding. So, here is some help – a collection of top 10 wedding dance songs on which you just cannot stop dancing.

Chammak Challo

This song brought Akon to Hindi cinema which is iconic in itself. The beats are fast with a great fusion of Indian and western music. This song will have the entire marriage procession swaying and grooving.

Gal Mithi Mithi

A typical Punjabi song from the movie Aisha, this song is very funky, trendy and extremely danceable. The foot tapping beats will have everybody on the floor. It is excellent for all marriage ceremonies.

Ainvayi Ainvayi

Ainvayi Ainvayi, from the recent hit “Band Baaja Baarat”, is a fun number and great for dancing. Don’t be surprised if the shiest person in the wedding get to his feet and begin to groove to this number.

Papa Tho Band Bajaaye

This latest number from the fun riot movie Houseful 2 is another extremely groovy number. Fast paced with excellently danceable beats, this song can set the perfect tune for a wedding. It is a must have in every wedding ceremony.

Desi Beat

One of the latest numbers, Desi Beats from the movie Bodyguard can up the fun quotient of any wedding. It is high pitched, past and the beats are sure to have people in the wedding dance without inhibition.

Tere Mast Mast Do Nain

This song from the blockbuster Dabangg will have every bride blushing. The beautiful song is not hasty like other numbers, but creates a very romantic feel in the wedding. You can be sure of every guest eyeing the bride and dedicating the song to her.  

Sadi Gali

Sadi gali is another typically Punjabi number. Perfectly apt for wedding, it sets the mood of celebration. It is a hot, peppy and very entertaining number from the movie Tanu Weds Manu.

Laung da Lashkara

When it comes to wedding songs of the latest season, Punjabi beats definitely seem to rule. From the move Patiala House, Laug da Lashkara is a perfect dance number which brings a fusion of Punjabi lyrics and modern beats.

Desi Girl

“Desi girl” from the movie Dostana, is an alluring blend of Indian and western music. It is sure to spread a contagious aura of melody, happiness and quirkiness amongst people in a wedding. With this song playing, you will have all the desi girls, dressed in their traditional best and tapping their feet in western moves! This song can make anybody dance.

Suraj ki Bahoon mein

From the recent sensational hit Zindagi Milegi na dobara, suraj ki Bahoon mein is a song which strikes a chord with the present generation. The beats entice you to dance on this cool number. The song itself is set on a romantic wedding scene in the movie. When you play it in a wedding, it is sure to spread an aura of romance and love.

The bonus song for all the readers is from the latest block buster VickyDonor”- “Rum & Whiskey”. Song is as fun as the movie- peppy beats, mischievous lyrics and the Panjabi tadka can vigour up the whole wedding!


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