Top 10 Most Emotional Bollywood Vidaai Songs

In Indian weddings, vidaai is the moment of saying goodbye. The bride bids adieu to her family members and friends with teary eyes and a heavy heart. All the parents prepare themselves to be strong for this very moment but aren’t able to control their tears.

There are so many wedding songs that are dedicated to the moment of vidaai. They evoke such emotions that often parents are seen dabbing at their eyes whenever they hear these songs. Mothers are the best – they get all the more sentimental remembering their own vidaai and thinking about how they’ll let their daughter(s) go.


Let’s take a look at the all-time favorite vidaai songs in India:

Babul ki duaayein leti jaa – Fathers born in 50s, 60s and 70s connect with this song very emotionally. It brings out the melancholy of separation and a father’s love for his daughter.

Khushi khushi kar do vida – It’s about convincing a father who’s reluctant to let his daughter go after marriage. A beautiful song with perfect lyrics. All the more precious if it’s your mother or grand-mom singing it.

Babul jo tumne sikhaya –This is an emotional number from Hum Aapke Hai Kaun with very sombre and melodious beats.

Mei toh chod chali babul ka des – This is a rather peppy number which describes a bride’s feeling over her wedding and how she’s happy in her husband’s home.

Baba ki raani hoon: A very sweet song which explores a daughter’s bonding with her mom and dad and how she’ll go away leaving everything behind.

Chalo re doli uthao: This is a very melodious song that prepares a bride for her ultimate union. It has romantic connotations, rather than very sentimental ones.

Saada Chiriya da Chamba: A very popular Punjabi folk song, it never fails to make a mother emotional about the impending wedding of her daughter.

Son Chiraiya: This is a famous vidaai song from the popular Star Plus soap Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, played during vidaai ceremonies and sangeet functions.

Yeh Betiyan toh Babul ki Raaniya Hai: Nice, melodious song from Na Tum Jaano Na Hum. The moment the song is played, all daughters look for their fathers and feel truly blessed.

Choti si umar: It is a Rajasthani folk song, made popular with the Colors Television’s longest running soap Balika Vadhu. Let’s just say that daughters never really grow up for their fathers. Ask any father and he’d say, oh she was just born yesterday, what’s the hurry?

These songs are ingrained in our wedding traditions because every ritual or ceremony brings the bride a step closer to the ‘vidaai’. These songs about the final moments of parting always have the would-be-brides and their parents dabbing at their eyes. 

Image Courtesy: Megha Bhatia

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