Tips to Get the Right Wedding Hall

It goes without saying that your wedding day is the most special day of your life. From caterers and decoration to makeup and bridal dress, everything has to be perfect. But, one thing which is the soul of the entire ceremony is the venue. Finding a suitable hall is no less than finding a suitable boy! A hall should be spacious and should have the provision for all the basic amenities. So, here is a comprehensive guide on how to select a perfect wedding hall.

Do some research

Before you finalise a venue, ‘Google’ some pictures of wedding halls or go through the catalogue given by your wedding planner. Make a note of all the things which you would want the hall to have. Say for example, space, lights and washrooms.

Think about your guests

While booking a wedding hall, always think from a guest’s point of view. You might like the venue, but it might not be a comfortable space for your guests. For example, try and choose a hall that is on the ground to make it easier for elderly guests, who might find it difficult to climb the stairs.

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Know your guest count

Make sure that you know the number of guests expected on the wedding day. The hall should be spacious enough to accommodate all of them. That is why, it is advisable to make the bookings after you finalise the guest list. Too much hustle-bustle can spoil your entire wedding.

Extra facilities

If you have made the right decision in booking a hall, then you will get all the facilities under one roof. But if not, you need to know what are the extra expenses that you have to incur. Make a note of things like water and generator facilities.

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Learn to bargain

Mostly wedding halls set up a price and tag themselves as non-negotiable. Do not feel obliged to pay them what they ask for, just because of their ‘fixed price’ tag. Feel free to bargain as per the wedding budget in your mind.

Ask questions

Ask questions as to where will the bride and groom sit? Is there a toilet attached to the bride's room? Where will be the guests accommodated? Ask whether the hall authorities will provide a DJ or you will have to get one on your own? Just be sure of everything you want from them.

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Contract is necessary

Never accept anything verbally. Get everything on paper. In a situation of conflict, you can always produce the contract that was signed. It is important that you go through the contract before signing it.

Now that you know the tricks of finding a wedding hall, look out for the one that will forever be a memoir for you as you step into a new life.

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