The perfect mattress for perfect couple

In case of typical Indian wedding arrangement, something like mattress is often provided by the groom’s family or even if it comes as a part of bride’s dower, the bottom line remains the same that the comfort of at least one or even both the parties is at stake.

Nothing beats the bliss derived from sleeping comfortably on a comfortable mattress, especially after giving into the throes of passion. But an uncomfortable or poorly formed mattress can give either of the couple sleepless night and cause them to be irritable next morning. And it is not like that one has to put up with the inconvenience for a single night or so.

Size and Space

A King size or queen size mattress is the most preferred and also suggested form of mattress for a wedded or to-be-wed couple. There is an amusing analogy in this as well. In a relationship like that of marriage, space plays a very important role if the harmony of the relationship is to be maintained.

Similarly the mattress should be spacious enough to give considerable movement space to the couple. The design and cut of the mattress should be in accordance with that of the bed, lest you should end up buying a square mattress for a hyperbolic bed.

Support and comfort

Ideally, a mattress should be such that it provides same level of comfort as one gets by standing in an erect posture. If one has to sleep in an inconvenient posture due to subtle undulations in the make of the mattress, then it may also lead to a lot of health problems.

Remember the story of the Princess and the Pea? If your beloved has been bought up in the same opulence as that of a princess, then make sure you do not compromise on this important aspect of her lifestyle.

Price & Durability

You don’t have to spend a fortune on the perfect mattress. A lot of finishing houses and online dealers provide attractive deals and discounts on the sale of branded and popular mattresses. Along with price and quality, one should pay adequate attention to the durability of the mattress. You surely don’t want to buy a new one every month or every six months. 

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