Signs that Suggest You are Good in Bed

So, you think you are a superstar in the bedroom. But, are you absolutely sure? Or is it just a case of overconfidence in your abilities? Even though you might believe that you satisfy your man like nobody else can, there is always room for a reality-check. The following signs, from your partner, would help you get a more realistic perspective about your love-making credentials.

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You just drive him mad
You just drive him mad

When you are making love to each other, have you found him clenching his hands or feet or both? If yes, then you can bet that you are doing something which seriously rocks his mind and body. If you hear some teeth-grinding sound escaping his lips then you are doing something so good that it is sinking him in the oceans of ecstasy. However, these signs don’t mean that you need to back-off or hurry-up. In fact, go for the kill, which means just try to prolong your effect on him and continue to torture his senses.

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