Shades of you in a Lipstick

Different colours of lipstick bring out different shades of a woman. Whether you pick any colour, there is a bit of YOU in every shade. Yes, these colourful obsessions are the expressions of your personality.

A Lipstick can add a lot more to your appearance. So, let us check out some trendy colours and what they have to say about your personality. Match the colour you are wearing with the below shades and see, what is your lipstick shouting about you to others?

Shades of Red

This shade reveals the passionate, cheerful side of a woman. Women wearing this shade are self- confident and full of energy. They demand respect from people, and are not afraid to show their sensuous side to the world.

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Shades of Pink

This light girly shade accentuates the feminine side of you. This shade depicts that you are happy and full of life. This shade also says that you have a fantastic love-life. Now, Girls, this is surely something to flaunt and enjoy

Shades of Peach

The shades of peach makes you stand out in the crowd. It shows you are unique and like to do things your own way. Girl, you are the commander here. Enjoy the limelight!

Shades of Purple/ Plum

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These shades symbolizes brave and adventurous side of a woman. These women like challenges in every sphere of work. Also, women who prefer to wear this colour, often tend to have an aura of mystery around them.

Shades of Nude

This shade exudes the approachable side of your personality. This shade shows you are down-to earth and easy-going. Women with these neutral shades are usually cool and calm.

Shades of Rust

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Women using this colour are not afraid to take risks. Rust shade means business. These shades reveal the professional side in you. You know how and where to maintain a distance.

Shades of Shimmer

This shade says, you are vivacious and an out-going personality. The sensuous shimmer indicates that you are more approachable and fun-loving This shade definitely attracts a lot of attention.

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So, now pick different colour for your different moods. Flaunt the Diva you are through your lipstick shades.

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