Rules To Be A Great Kisser

Kissing is pretty much the most intimate thing that you can do with someone. In fact, to some people it is more intimate than sex. Here is what actress Julia Roberts in her film Pretty Woman said “Sex is just friction, but kissing is like getting a glimpse of someone else’s soul.”
The first kiss can make or break a relationship. So, here are some simple yet very effective tips to be a great kisser.

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Be Involved
Be Involved

Did you think that kissing was just about your lips and your mouth? Kissing is a lot more than that. You ought to involve your whole body in the act. Feel free to caress your partner’s face and run your hands through his/her hair. Wipe your mind from all the worries when you are kissing. In case it is your first kiss then avoid touching full body, until you two have built up a good rapport.

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