Reel to Real life: Indian Television Couples


Television couples get to spend at least 8 to 10 hours on sets and understand each other very well. So it doesn’t come as surprise when they admit to being struck by Cupid. It’s like we simply adore these on-screen jodis and become all the more excited when the news of their real life love breezes in. Check out some of the hottest reel-to-real-life jodis here:

Karan– Kritika (Kitni Mohabbat Hai)

Any discussion on this has to start with our current favorite Jodi, Kritika and Karan! The due stole each others’ hearts as well as ours with their performance in Kitni Mohabbat Hai. There came a time that their chemistry was so palpable on-screen that there remained no doubts in the mind of the viewers that their Arjun and Arohi are very much in love.

The two look very cute together. Arjun’s dimpled smile and Arohi’s big eyes full of mischief are a perfect match. The best part is that Kritika is an amazing dancer and Karan seems to be born with two left feet, as was apparent on the sets of Zara Nachke Dikha. Irrespective of that, the two of them managed to steal the show by their performances which were always full of love and laughter.

Hiten Tejwani – Gauri Pradhan (Kutumb, Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi)

They can very well be tagged as the first Jodi of the 21st century Indian Television. Their love-hate relationship in Kutumb was the ultimate test of the chemistry that was brewing between them, so much so that Ekta had to rope in Gauri to play the lead opposite Hiten in her mega show ‘Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi’.

When you look it from the angle that Hiten is the mischief creating, happy go lucky guy and Gauri is a little reserved, no-nonsense kind of a girl, you actually believe that opposites attract and can have a beautiful married life together. The happiness in their relationship quadrupled with the arrival of a son and a daughter (twins) in 2009.

Sushant – Ankita (Pavira Rishta)

Oh we are talking about the super-idealist couple Manav and Archana from Pavitra Rishta. The chemistry between the couple was very refreshing in the serial because of their shy love and strong emotional bond.  They were the fresh face on Indian television with the regular girl next door or guy next door look and therefore, in no time they became our favorite couple.

Initially the duo denied their relationship but Sushant aka Manav finds it really hard to either stop his gaze from resting on Ankita’s face. He cannot help but blush when someone mentions the amazing chemistry that the two of them share. So it’s simply written all over their face and painted all over the tinsel town as well.

Nandish – Rashmi (Uttaran)

Yes, we are talking about Veer and Tapasya who met on the sets of Uttaran and despite playing the role of an estranged couple in the soap, the two are very much in love in real life. Like all other couples, initially they denied their relationship but eventually confirmed it, after Nandish proposed Rahsmi on the eve of his birthday bash and then again on national television. They got married in a secret ceremony in Vijaynagar in February 2011.

This is not all. We also have the amazing couples like Rajeev – Delnaaz, Manish – Poonam, Apoova – Shilpa, Varun – Rajeshwari, Archana – Parmeet, Sai – Shakti, Yash – Gauri, Milind – Manini …the list is virtually endless!

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