Plan your first wedding night

Apart from shopping and planning for your upcoming wedding, the thought of your first wedding night will surely be on your mind. As it is the first night when you come together as man and wife, you need to savor the intimacy for a perfect experience. How you approach your wedding night as a couple will depend upon your relationship with your fiancé before the wedding. If you knew each other for a long time, you might be very comfortable. However, if it is an arranged marriage with limited interaction before the wedding, you might feel awkward. You might feel nervous, anxious or even frightened too.

It is quite natural that both of you would be tired and the wedding rituals would have taken a toll on you. If you have opted for a local hotel to stay at, check in to your suite before the hotel’s help desk closes for the night. Call them and inform them if you are going to be late after your wedding reception. The last thing you want to be on your wedding night is homeless and left wondering where to go.

Plan and Prepare

If you are spending months to plan for your wedding, you can take sometime out to plan for your wedding night too. It will be less awkward for both of you if you are prepared to discuss your expectations and each others’ desires. After the long day, you are most likely to be hungry too. You can surprise your wife with her favorite snack, arrange for some wine or even breakfast in bed the next morning.

Set the Mood

Once you have settled in, relax and talk about your wedding, and your love for each other. Talk romantic and look into each others eyes while you talk. The sex that follows is sure to be most intimate and amazing. However, if you are tired or your spouse is not ready yet, don’t push it. Remember that your first time together as a couple should be special and it’s not a bad omen if you do not consummate on your first night!

Don’t blow it!

Don’t get too drunk at your reception and blow your first night together. Try to enjoy each other’s company by making each other feel comfortable. Don’t put any unnecessary pressure on each other. You would rather enjoy just being alone together after months of planning and the wedding.

You might want to include scented candles to create a romantic ambience or keep a CD with your favorite numbers ready to help you both relax. Shop for attractive nightwear well in advance, follow the advice in this article and give yourself and your love a wedding night to remember.

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