New Age Dresses for a Traditional Indian Bride

With the wedding season just around the corner, the brides and grooms are in a frenzy to make their day perfect. The brides are mostly worried about looking perfect along with giving their outfits and trousseau a breath of fresh air. Perfection is achieved with grace, elegance and efforts to stay true to your personality. Indian bridal ensembles are alluring and dreamy. Looking for something that reveals your true personality with the classic charm calls for a true understanding of how these outfits have really evolved? 

What the royal Indian women wore in early days has been revitalized and metamorphosed into a new age garment. Let’s see what really has changed?

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Slim me Down
Slim me Down

Nowadays brides only prefer silhouettes that help them look narrower. And why only silhouettes, but the fabrics and colour play a major role too.  Not ready to show off any bulges or volume, the lehengas and saris are chosen in a cut, colour and fabric that work for a particular body type. The novella designers have worked hard to create looks that are new and different from what has already been used or seen. 

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