Makeup Tricks to Enhance Your Cleavage

Makeup Tricks to Enhance Your Cleavage

Are you one of those girls who would do anything to get fuller/bigger looking breasts? Are you even willing to go under the knife to fulfil your wish? Plastic surgery is an option, but there is nothing that a bit of makeup cannot fix! Yes, even enhancing your cleavage is a trick that makeup can help you with. So, here are some smart makeup tricks to help you emphasise your cleavage in just a few minutes:

Start-up tips

  • Remember the golden rule- any dark colour will push back or add depth to a feature and any light colour will bring that feature forward by highlighting and accentuating it further.
  • Wear a push up bra to help as a guide line so you know where the colours need to be placed.
  • Keep one dark matte contour colour and one highlighter (cream or powder) ready.
  • Before starting with the makeup wear your shirt or top. Make sure you fold the area around your cleavage and place some tissue on it or else your top would get dirty. Also, stay away from light colours, especially white, as this would give the impression of stained dirty clothes.

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How to use makeup

  • Using a small blush brush, apply the dark matte contour colour along the top or highest part of your natural curve, creating either a V or a Y shape, using up and down strokes. Then bring it down into the inner edge of your cleavage. Follow the natural curve of the breasts in order to create a better illusion. Blend, blend and blend. The idea is to make it look as natural as possible.
  • Using the shimmer highlighting powder, start by applying a little along the upper half area of your breasts. What this will do is the shimmer will catch light & will highlight the cleavage even further by making it look fuller. Make sure to blend well using a makeup sponge or a fluffy brush and avoid using too much product.
  • Take a closer look in the mirror to see if both the sides look similar. If not, add a little more bronzer in the centre, but make sure not to overdo it as it might look more obvious that you’ve done something unnatural.

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Quick tips

  • Do not slouch. Sit or stand straight with your chin tucked in and your chest out like you own the world. This trick will surely emphasise your breasts while also making you look taller, slimmer and confident.
  • In case if you are using a creamy texture for the contour and highlighter, do not forget to dab some loose powder over or else you will be passing on the colour to the next person you hug! And all the effort you put into creating this illusion will all be in vain.
  • If you are not sure about how the shading looks, don’t hesitate to ask your girlfriend.
  • Once you are happy with the result, finish off by setting it with a fixing spray to make it look more natural.

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So, use these smart makeup tips to enhance your cleavage without going under a knife or opting for extra padded bras. Go ahead and have fun using these tips for your next outing!

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