Make up Tips for Wheatish and Dark Skin

Indian skin tone is beautiful. Gone are the days when advertisement companies used to hire only fair models. Many people still feel that make up looks only on fair skin tone which is actually not so. If done in proper way, Make up flatters dark skin. The biggest advantage of dark skin is it less prone to acne, pimples and blackheads. It is necessary to have healthy skin irrespective of skin tone.

If you have dark skin then follow these very simple basic make up tips to make your features look nicer and to look more beautiful.

Foundation/Concealer matter

After cleansing and toning it is very important to have a good base before starting make up. Prefer water based foundation over any other foundation as dark skin is comparatively oilier. Best way to use is to mix distilled water in it and blend it in skin otherwise foundation streaks will appear after sometime Avoid honey based make up products as such product add yellow hue to your skin. Thus not suggested.

Eye makeup

It is very important to highlight eyes; it makes you look more beautiful and expressive. Prefer dark colors like browns, prunes, copper and burgundy. Dark metallic colors can also be used. It is advisable to avoid eyeliner use and prefer lot of mascara instead. Eyeliner if not properly applied can make you look unwell and awful. 


Prefer shades like rose, deep orange and coral blushes. Try to avoid shades like brown and peach shades. For a very dark skin tone, prefer dark rose for the day and shades such as plum, wine and bronze shades for evening. For evening party, shimmers with gold tone can work wonders for dark complexion skin.

Lip colors

Prefer lip colors with matte finish over frosty look. Orange shade is strict ‘NO’. Go for  berry shades, plums, burgundy and all shades of browns look great with dark skin. Also beiges, gold and soft pink, coffees, mahoganies, chocolates, berry shades, deep berry shades, dark plums, wines, burgundies.

At the end healthier and clearer skin is always more preferable and beautiful irrespective of its tone.

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