How to Get Toned Arms like Bollywood Celebs

Taking care of your skin, hair and weight are among the most discussed of topics but seldom people talk about how a lady’s arms are an inherent part of her persona. Apart from the face, when signs of aging are evaluated, the suppleness of the arms is often discussed. With a longish summer season, you are prone to wear dresses that show your arms and besides waxing and moisturizing them, there is a lot more you can do to make them sexier. What am I talking about? Feminine arms should combine a degree to tautness with a bit of sheen and should be devoid of flab.

Decoding Aesthetic Beauty of Female Arms

One look across some of the leading Bollywood ladies and it becomes clear that they have worked towards toning and shaping their arms. In my opinion, the likes of Katrina Kaif, Priyanka Chopra and Asin have near-perfect arms. Yes, Kareena Kapoor and Deepika Padukone come close but their frames seem a bit too emaciated, devoid of a basic amount of flesh that is inherent to the Indian female silhouette. This trend isn't just Indian. During her visit to India, Michelle Obama's toned arms were the talking point across tabloids, with many fitness experts suggesting that her shapely arms indicated a commitment towards sculpting them. The most talked-about royal wedding (Kate Middleton & Prince Harry) had fashionistas commenting that despite such a lean frame, Kate had reasonably sculpted arms.

How to get such perfect-looking arms?

Apart from genetics, healthy eating habits and exercising define how your arms look. The only solution lies in eating sensible exercising your arms. Here, we cover the exercising aspect for getting beautiful arms:

Triceps Kickbacks

Kickbacks are the most established of arm-shaping exercises. Pick a dumbbell (“Ds”) weighing around 1 – 2 kg and stand with your feet parted, as wide as your hips. Bend a bit forward. Your back should be parallel to the ground. Hold one dumbbell under your shoulder, just in front of your underarms. Suck-in your stomach and pull away the weight behind you, until your upper arm seems parallel to the ground. Without lowering the upper arm, bring it back to the starting position. This is one complete repetition (called a “Rep”).

Recommend Regimen: 4 sets x 15 reps each, twice-a-week.

Biceps Curl

Grab a pair of Ds, ideally around 2 – 3 kgs. Stand-up straight with your legs parted the same way explained above. Hold each weight at the side with your palms facing front. Tuck-in your elbows a bit, so that you feel them on your ribs. Now, start raising the Ds slowly, maintaining a 45-degree curve—the force should come from your arms and upper back and not the entire body. Execute each rep slowly.

Recommend Regimen: 4 sets x 15 reps, thrice-a-week.    

Variation:grab Ds with your palms facing your legs, i.e. like a hammer. This is called the Hammer Curl and helps to sculpt the arms.

Along with these exercises, Lady Push-Ups help to tone the entire arm. A Lady Push-Up is your conventional push-up but instead of lying horizontally, you do it upright.

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